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Custom Lip Balm Labels

Lip balm labels are not just for for lip balm companies any more. These small but powerful items have turned into a great marketing tool for all kinds of companies. You can see this when you go to trade shows, markets, festivals and events. Companies put their customized label on give-away lip balms. Every time you feel the need to soothe your dry lips, you get to look at the label on the lip balm and be reminded of the company that gave you the great freebie.

Because these tiny marketing tools are important for spreading the word about your company, you want to make sure the quality of your lip balm labels matches the quality of your company.

These little items generally get shoved into your pocket or thrown into your bag or purse so they need to stand up to the wear and tear they’ll get. Using the correct materials for your lip balm labels is really important- here’s a little insight on the best materials to use and which ones to stay away from.

Let’s get to the down and dirty and give you a little heads-up on what not to use. If you choose to cut corners and save money by going the paper route, it can breakdown and deteriorate really easily. If you go with a label without an adhesive back, unfortunately your label won’t stick and the promo lip balm you spent the money on will end up label-less. Not good! So how do you do it right?

First, use white BOPP which is a polypropylene film. This material has a special tight-radius adhesive that will allow your lip balm label to stick to the lip balm tube. This stuff really adheres, and your custom label won’t come off any time soon!

Second, BOPP with a high gloss laminate over the top is the way to go. It will give your promo lip balm the quality look and feel it needs while also being highly durable. It will really help your brand ‘pop’.

Third, it’s time to decide what kind of safety seal you want on your lip balm label:

The full wrap around safety seal:


A safety seal tab:


No safety seal:


Finally, make sure to work with the right label printing company who will print the highest quality labels that these little gems deserve. You’ve spent the time and money to promote your business through a lip balm giveaway so make sure your printer delivers a lip balm label that really rocks your brand and is high-quality and durable. Reach out to us if you’d like to print custom labels for lip balms to advertise your business.






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