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Custom Labels & Markets Go Together

Summer Farmer’s Market

Custom labels and summer go hand in hand at the local farmer’s market. If ever there was a great showcase for fun labels and stickers, the farmer’s market has to be it.

Custom labels and stickers are ideal to adorn jams, jellies, and honey, salsas and hot sauces, all sort of different beverages, and of course produce. I always find it fascinating to see how a label, the product and the producer match up — or don’t!

Custom labels in a setting like this always make me proud to be a part of the small business community. What a great group of people we get to be associated with!

Back-to-School Market

Custom label possibilities are everywhere for the school market as well! Custom labels and stickers for school supplies, sports teams, locker decorations, and fundraisers are just some of the many possibilities.

Custom labels have a lot of possibility for people with products relating to the ‘back to school’ market. There’s a huge market out there of parents and kids that need custom labels and stickers. What custom labels can you create to feed this market?

Custom labels for the new school year create lots of possibilities. To be candid, there is a lot of opportunity for parents in general with back to school. I don’t know about you, but juggling summertime schedules is both fun and frazzling.

Niche Markets

Custom labels and stickers are especially important if you’re trying to reach a small, niche market. Our son is allergic to peanuts. We’re not talking about a sneezing, runny nose type of allergy. We’re talking anaphylactic shock better have the Epipen shot handy life-threatening type allergy. How closely do you think we read food & beverage labels? How quickly do you think we’ll grab a product off the shelf if we see a bold “PEANUT FREE” declaration on a label, instead of having to read the fine print?

Custom labels for “custom buyers” is a great way to think of this. Do you know who, exactly you want to use or buy your product? For example, if you’re targeting people who knit mittens in Indiana, design a custom label just for them. You might have the shape of a mitten with the words “Indiana Mitten Knitters, We Luv U!” somewhere on your label.

Custom labels and stickers will drive sales. Just like we reach for anything that tells us quickly and boldly that the product is peanut-free, your target market has a ‘buy button’ that you can include on your labels. Find out why they buy from you, and design a custom label to speak to that buying decision.

Contact us if you have any questions or are ready to print your custom labels. We are here to help!

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