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3 tips to make your product stand up and stand out!

A label’s number one goal is to stand out. On a shelf with hundreds, even thousands of other products, if you’re not standing out then you have very little chance of moving off of those shelves.

That’s because most consumers decide what products to buy while in the store, shopping. Labels are the best source of information about the products when you’re in the store, so most consumer choices are based on the labels, rather than the product itself (if I haven’t tried it, then how would I know?).

Be in the game…

If you’re label doesn’t stand out, it just won’t be in the game. Here are three suggestions about how to make your labels stand out no matter where they happen to be.

1. Stand out from the crowd.

If I told you to make yourself noticed in a crowd, the first thing you would do is see what other people are

doing. You would have to get a sense of what you have to stand out from. If everyone in the crowd was walking, maybe you would stand still. If everyone was standing still, maybe you would jump up and down.

Standing out means getting a sense of the field. In the case of labels, this means getting a sense of the competition.

So first things first: see what the competition is using to stand out. Get a sense of the kind of messages that these labels send, and identify a niche that you could fill. Think about colors and design schemes that will help you catch the eye, and think about whose eyes you want to catch.

2. Stand up on your own.

Once you have an idea of how you can stand out from the crowd, you need

to make sure that your label still looks good when you take it off the shelf and bring it home. It should still communicate all the information it communicated in the store, and more.

That’s right – when consumers take your product home, they should be able to keep getting more information and pleasure from it.

This means:

  • Use a contrasting coloring scheme that is pleasant and clear
    in any situation.
  • Give a sense of the story behind the product – Who makes it
    and why? What’s the history of the product?
  • Give consumers an opportunity to engage with you and your
    product. How can we contact you?

3. Stand for something, everywhere.

It’s one thing if you can capture the eye of a consumer on the shelf and in the home. But it’s yet another

thing if you can be a recognizable and trusted brand everywhere you show up.

That’s the thing about branding and labels. You have to be so recognizable that no matter where your label or your logo shows up, the customer instantly recognizes it. Think of the major brands: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonalds, etc. Anywhere you see those fonts and those colors, you know exactly where they come from.

Your label, too, has to have a color, font, and design scheme that can be transplanted from the store to a magazine to the side of a car and always give the same sense of your brand.

In Summary

In summary, your brand has to stand out in three fundamentally different places: the store, the home (or other private space), and in public space. That is what is meant by “standing out from the crowd.” A label design that does this is one that will serve your brand for years or decades to come! Once you’ve settled on the perfect label to make your products pop, we’re here to print your custom design — reach out to us to get started!





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