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It may take some time to find the right printing company to work with but the search is worth it. You’re looking for a long-term partner who is as invested in your success as you are. One mistake that businesses make is focusing solely on price. This may sound like a great way to save a quick buck, but in the long run there’s a lot more for you to consider when choosing a printer. Follow these six guidelines to find the best label printing company for your needs!

How competent is the team?

Do they have the expertise and know-how about all aspects of the label printing business? Can they help to guide you through the process from uploading your design to the final print stages and shipping? Find out how long the team has been in the print business and if they know the in’s and out’s of ink on paper. There are quite a few online companies out there posing as printers, when they’re really just a sales organization and they outsource all the actual work. Ask some questions when you talk to someone on the team and read the ‘About Us’ section of their website to see if they are the real deal.

It is really important to have confidence in the print team you choose. To know you are being taken care of. You’re dedication and hard work have gone into your product and you should expect the same custom label or sticker expertise from your label printing team!

Read between the lines and investigate.

A review about a company is really valuable. It gives great insight into what other customers have experienced through their interactions. If the company has testimonials, read them. It will help you to decipher the clientele of that particular printer. At Leapin’ Lizard Labels we work with entrepreneurs to help get their product to market. It is our mission to help every start-up succeed by printing their custom labels and stickers.

It’s also important to figure out if the label printer you are going to work with is environmentally friendly. Make sure they are being the best environmental stewards that they can be. Custom label and sticker printing for any company can use a ton of resources, leaving a negative impact on the environment. At Leapin’ Lizard Labels we use water-based inks and generate little to no paper waste. With our digital label printing process, we can virtually eliminate the prepress process – no plates or films. We use an electronic proofing process to save paper and reduce what goes to the waste stream. Furthermore, we use wind-generated electricity and our goal is to be 100% solar powered to reduce our impact on the environment. Right now our label printing equipment, our lights, and even our coffee maker are powered by the wind.

How did you feel about them after your first interaction?

Is the person you talked to about your labels enthusiastic about working with you? Did you even GET to talk to a person, or were you pushed through an automated system without the option of talking to a real person? An excellent label printing team is going to make you feel like you are in good hands- because you are. They are going to do everything in their power to make you happy and with the feeling that you look forward to having your custom labels printed with them again! Do you see yourself having this kind of relationship with your printer? If not, it’s a big red flag.

How transparent are they in their pricing?

Fully understand the pricing you’re getting. Do they charge for custom shapes and sizes, and have set-up fees? That will add up quickly. Do they charge for proofs or are those free? A free proof can settle your nerves, especially if this is your first time getting a custom sticker or label printed. And don’t forget about shipping. It’s almost always a surprise for new customers how quickly shipping adds up. Find out if the label printing company you’re thinking of working with charges you shipping at-cost, or if they’re padding the fees. At Leapin’ Lizard Labels we love our clients, and we’re dedicated to giving our clients a smooth experience from start to finish, including no ‘surprise’ or extra charges. Not to mention you get a little Lexie Lizard thrown in with every order.

What is the company’s turnaround time?

A good label printing company will be explicit about turnaround time and meet shipping deadlines. There is nothing worse that expecting your labels or stickers within days and getting them two weeks later, especially if you have product that needs to be on the shelf or ready for a big event!

Does your printer follow up with you?

Is the label printing company going to ship your product and then forget about you? We refer to that as out of sight, out of mind and it doesn’t feel very good to be on the receiving side. On the contrary, do they make sure you have gotten exactly what you were looking for? With every custom label order we send, we follow up and ask a few simple questions. Did you receive your labels or stickers on time? Are you happy with how they turned out? Find out what a company’s follow up policy is, and what they’ll do if there ARE issues with your labels.

Follow these six guidelines and you’ll find a label printing company that will fit your needs!






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