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As our previous blog talked about, color plays such an important role in designing your label. You want to make sure you have the right colors, not just for appearance’s sake but also for the message you’re trying to send. But going along with creating the label you and your business will love, the layout of the label needs to be equally as purposeful.

For a truly phenomenal label, your design needs to have a phenomenal composition. Take a look at some tips about having a well-balanced composition, and order your custom sticker labels, banners and more through Leapin’ Lizard Labels today!

Focal Point

Every successful label has a spot that a viewer’s eyes are immediately drawn to. A focal point does not have to be overstated, but it has to draw someone’s attention. With a custom label sticker, this can look like a change in color, either subtle or change with a splash. A focal point does not solely need to be color-implemented, but can also be location-based. The website Artists Network discusses this, saying that because our eyes travel from left to right when reading, a focal point placed in the top-right corner can be an ideal spot to draw viewers in. However, this does not mean a focal point is limited to one area either. Look at your custom label and think about what makes most sense, and consult with others to get their opinion!

Line of Direction

Our eyes travel seemingly effortlessly and subconsciously, but there is actually science behind how we interpret direction. Since your custom label sticker will have an image, a design, text, or all three, it’s important to think about how this translates into not only direction, but the meaning that our brains interpret.

As an important note, a line of direction is not limited to an actual line. The famous painting “Washington Crossing the Delaware” by Emanuel Leutze takes the viewer on a very purposeful journey, all through line direction, without using obvious lines. Take a look at some examples of the covert messages lines and lines of direction send:

  • Diagonal Lines: Citing the famous painting from above, one sees the rowers’ oars and the flag positioned at a diagonal angle, of which our eyes travel from the bottom-left to the upper-right corner. Viewers get the sense of the boat moving forward, and this is because diagonal lines represent movement.
    Another classic example of diagonal lines representing movement comes in the form of the Nike logo. The famous company that specializes in athletic gear and movement, it only makes sense that their logo matches their message, with a swoosh moving from bottom left to upper right. If your custom label sticker or banner is advertising or emphasizing something about going forward or movement in general, consider how to implement diagonal lines into the design.
  • Vertical Lines: Back to “Washington Crossing the Delaware.” Vertical lines represent stability, strength, and height, which can in turn be translated into power. One look at the painting, and we can tell who George Washington is. He is portrayed as the strongest example of a vertical line of direction, emulating the power, stability, and leadership needed for a future president to have.
    The logo for the clothing brand Gap, for example, features just their company name, but with slightly stretched out letters. Their brand name is more vertical than it is wide, which gives this subdued message that things are under control. When designing a custom label sticker for a business or entity that promises stability and/or a grounding nature, vertical lines of direction will help convey this message.
  • Horizontal Lines: When you want to give a calming sense, a feeling of home and care, you’ll want to use horizontal lines. Referencing “Washington Crossing the Delaware” once more, note the tumultuous waves, followed by the more serene nature of the shore on the horizon. As another example, Mary Cassatt’s infamous painting “Little Girl in a Blue Armchair” gives this feeling of lackadaisical comfort, all due to the horizontal lines of direction. Glancing at the painting conveys a line of direction between the dog and the girl, which provides the sense of home Cassatt meant to portray.
    If your custom label sticker wants to give this sense of security, peace, and rest, your logo should work with horizontal lines as such.

There is so much that can be said about creating a well-balanced composition in your custom sticker label, and this is solely an introduction. But with the right foundational knowledge, your label can be elevated from merely serving a purpose to serving customers with purpose. Try out these design techniques, and order labels online from us today!

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