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Did you know? The printing industry can be a true burden to our environment. While a product label might not seem like something to worry much about when it comes to being eco-friendly, the reality is that the processes used to create most product labels is detrimental to our planet.

Learn more below about some of the existing practices that are harmful to our environment and the top benefits of switching to an eco-friendly label for your product. Whether you sell something focused on being green or you simply want to find one more way to give back to the earth, opting to use our custom, eco-friendly labels might be perfect for you and the environment.

The Negatives of Label Printing

One of the reasons that traditional label printing takes a toll on the environment is due to the massive drain of electricity from the process. The majority of printers used to create labels are far from energy efficient, leading to a major strain on our environment.

Not only that, the vast majority of inks are based on petroleum resources. These inks contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are harmful toxins known for causing cancer and birth defects. As the ink dries onto printed labels, the VOCs are emitted into the air. They can also wind up leaching into the soil when they are eventually thrown into landfills.

Choosing Eco-Friendly Labels

When it comes to eco-friendly label solutions, we have done our best Leapin’ Lizard Labels to find a way to treat our planet better while still providing high-quality product labels. We don’t believe that being eco-friendly ever needs to equal providing a subpar product. In fact, choosing an environmentally method for printing was simply a choice we felt it was our responsibility to pursue.

How It Works

Creating a better method for custom labels starts for us with thinking about the energy we use. We use wind-generated electricity, with a goal of becoming 100 percent solar powered. This alone helps to reduce our impact upon the planet.

We also utilize a digital label printing method, which does not require plates, films, or chemicals that are commonly used in the printing process. We utilize water-based inks and very little waste, due to the printing methods we incorporate.

The Benefits

Choosing eco-friendly product labels can provide your company with a variety of benefits. Check out these following pros of an environmentally minded product label.

1. Keeping Things Chemical Free

When you choose to create custom product labels that eco-friendly, you can avoid harmful chemicals and solvents. This keeps you, your employees, and your customers safer, as well as benefiting the planet. Who doesn’t want to get rid of a few more toxic chemicals in their life?

2. Providing Added Reason to Choose Your Product

When it comes to differentiating yourself from your competitors, opting for eco-friendly labeling can be a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd. You can even add a shout-out into your design that calls attention to your eco-friendly label choice. This will help environmentally conscientious consumers decide on your product over others.

3. Creating a Company Value

Are you trying to create a company that emphasizes eco-friendliness? Start incorporating that value in added ways by switching to an eco-friendly custom product label. Each choice you make as a company, whether small or large, will start to build the backbone of values for your company. If you want to improve the attitude of your business as a whole towards the way everyone treats the planet, start making company decisions that reflect this value. Perhaps your choice to switch to eco-friendly labels will spur your employees to start creating more ideas for how they can give back to mother nature.

4. Feel Good

Finally, choosing eco-friendly labels is a decision you can feel good about. Go to bed at night knowing you helped improve the impact your company is having upon the planet. Each choice you make towards bettering the earth will make a difference over time.

Choose Eco-Friendly. Choose Leapin’ Lizard Labels.

When it comes to choosing an eco-friendly custom product label, you want to ensure you are still receiving a high-quality product that has the minimal amount of negative impact upon the environment. Here at Leapin’ Lizard Labels, it is one of our company goals to help ensure that custom label printing is not a harm to our environment. Not only do we utilize water-based inks, free of harmful chemicals and solvents, we can also provide you with recycled label printing stock. These earth-friendly labels and stickers will help reduce waste while remaining high-quality.

Beyond just the materials we use to create custom product labels, we are also striving to utilize smart energy sources for the actual printing process. Due to our environmentally conscientious operations, we are silver members of the Fort Collins Climate Wise program.

If you want to learn more about how you can create a better custom label for your product that is designed with high-quality materials, sans a negative impact upon the environment, then we invite you to reach out to our team. We are passionate about helping small businesses design custom product labels that will reach their customers and keep those customers coming back for more. We will work with you to ensure that your design needs are met while you achieve your company’s goal of becoming more green. Talk to us today and find out what you can do to help out planet earth.

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