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When it comes to selling a pet product, whether it is an organic dog treat or a high-quality leash, you want to ensure that potential customers are drawn in and excited about the product. The right custom pet product label can help ensure that your product gets noticed and, ultimately, purchased.

If you are working on creating a pet product label, we can help. We provide custom printed labels that you can order online, making ordering convenient and simple. With fast turnaround times and premium quality labels, you can count on Leapin’ Lizard Labels to help you produce the perfect fit for your pet product. Check out these tips to keep in mind as you design the ideal product label for your pet product.

Make Sure You Have the Right Mentality

When it comes to designing a label for your pet product, make sure that you are approaching the process with the mentality of a pet owner. Odds are good that if you have designed products for pets, you yourself own a pet. However, if for some reason you aren’t a pet owner yourself, make sure you get input from someone who is as you think about what to include on the product label.

For example, if you have a pet product that is edible, such as a dog biscuit or cookie, you will want a product label that resonates with a pet owner. Since Fido probably won’t be in charge of choosing his own treats, make sure that your product label includes valuable information that a pet owner will want to know. Most dog owners will care about quality ingredients, with an increasing awareness around organic and simple products. A dog owner will also be looking for what kind of flavor the edible item offers, as their four-legged pal might have taste preferences.

Regardless of what pet product you are selling, be sure that as you design the label you keep your customer’s needs in mind. Tailor the labeling to what will help them understand the value of your product at a glance.

Put the Pooch First

As you go about designing the perfect pet product label, make sure that you are putting the pooch — or other animal friends — first. Think about things like, what benefit does this provide to the pet? An owner will care about how it improves their health, heals their joints, or makes a walk more comfortable.

Beyond just benefits, what will the pet love about this product? Will that extra squeaker bring their dog hours of fun and play? Will this comfy bed make their cat feel cozy and safe? Think about everything that is positive for the pet and make sure you are incorporating these messages. After all, for the pet owner, the product will be all about improving their pet’s life in one way or another.
Even if the product has a strong angle geared towards bettering the owner’s life, throw in a positive for the pet as well. For example, if you sold a product that was designed to stop dogs from barking in the home, the obvious benefit is a quieter home for the pet owner. However, perhaps your product works without any harm to the animal. You can highlight this benefit to the dog to help create a positive feeling with your product.

Highlight the Extras

Once you have covered the basic benefits of your product, move on to highlighting the extras. Cover the little things that make your product stand out. Perhaps your cat treats are designed with only fairly farmed fish. Maybe your dog toy is designed with toxic-free materials. Whatever it is that makes your product unique, make sure you add in this extras to your packaging.

By highlighting a few unique qualities of your product, you can improve the chances of someone being drawn in and deciding upon your product over other similar ones on the market.

Add Some Fun

Pet product labels should not only feature the benefits and unique features of the product, they should also incorporate some fun into the design. Most pet products are light in nature and your labeling should reflect this fun attitude.

For example, if you are selling a durable, squeaky toy for dogs, make it about more than just the actual product. Utilize a fun design to draw attention and mimic the playful attitude of a dog. Pet owners will be accustomed to their pet’s silly antics. Whether they are purchasing a toy for their cat or a new set of hamster wheels, make the packaging about the happiness pet ownership can bring.

Print High-Quality Labels Online

Finally, no matter how great your pet product label design is it will only ever be as good as the label it is printed on. If you purchase a lower-quality label, you could wind up with a faded label, one that won’t stick in place, or one that simply deters from the quality of your product. Make sure that whatever design you land on, you purchase labels online that are premium quality. A high-quality label will go a long way in ensuring that your product is appealing to pet owners in your market space.

Looking for your next pet product label? We can help! Easily order pet product labels online through Leapin’ Lizard Labels and enjoy the quality of our custom labels. We can either work with you to create the right design for your needs or you can simply submit an existing design for us to print. With quick turnaround times and outstanding customer service, you can count on our team to ensure your pet product is looking its best. Reach out today to learn more.

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