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In a space that has turned largely digital, from the way we communicate to the way we order food delivery, much of it can be done online. Digital marketing is in its heyday, so are physical and tactile marketing components, such as stickers, still relevant in an overwhelmingly digital environment?

At Leapin’ Lizard Labels, much of our business is in online sticker printing — it’s a digital space that produces a physical product for your small business. If you’re a small business that wonders if print is still relevant, join us in today’s blog as explore the case for stickers.  

The Print Controversy

People in the online and digital spaces find print irrelevant because of a few factors, including:

  • It’s more expensive
  • It’s wasteful
  • You can’t track its impact
  • Younger people may not jump on board

However, print, thus stickers, will never be completely obsolete. There are ebbs and flow in the marketing industry, and just as they thought television would be the end of radio, radio is still alive and well — just as print will still be around.

It is important to look evaluate if print is still relevant to the way you advertise and promote your brand. There is clearly still a demand for print, and coupled with digital marketing pieces, it can be an effective marketing strategy for your small business.

Why Stickers Are Successful

Everyone loves getting a sticker, especially if it’s with a brand they identify with. Think of all the stickers slapped onto laptops and water bottles — they’re all carefully crafted to express a person’s hobbies and interests. What makes stickers relevant and resonate with both younger and older audiences?

Stickers are easy to target – Compared to the online space that is exposed and widespread, print can be more easily targeted because you can create and design each sticker and mold it to a specific audience. Print also reaches those who forego the online digital space, and in essence, grabs that demographic in addition to the others.

Stickers give a personal touch – Getting a sticker and choosing to display it is a personal choice, and just as people pay for subscriptions, people are choosing to engage with your brand. People are also making a choice in where there support lies, and it is a very intimate and one-on-one relationship they develop with your brand. Stickers are also tactile, something potential customers can interact with both physically and visually, which is something the digital space will never be able to offer.

Stickers evoke trust – Print seems to be more trusted than the digital environment, perhaps because it’s readily identifiable. The more one can identify with a brand, the more likely they’ll choose it — an affinity is developed. If you have a product that is useful and aesthetically pleasing with consumers, the more likely they’ll latch onto your brand and continue to support your future products and developments — stickers are creating brand loyalty.  

Stickers last – Stickers endure and persist much longer than anything digital, which means more people are exposed to your brand, which is then visible and accessible to be passed along — word-of-mouth-style marketing! Everything online is brief and changes quickly, making print even more valuable in strengthening your brand and exposing more people to your products by a simple, sticky message.   

So are custom stickers still relevant? Yes, absolutely! Stickers help focus your target audience, you can design them around different demographics, they add a personal touch and create a brand awareness, they create trust, and they last much longer than digital.

To get your brand to stick, connect with us today and learn more about our custom sticker printing!


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