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If you’re a new business, or you’re going through a rebranding, brand awareness is a crucial aspect to growing your business. You want to craft a brand identity so that, when potential customers are shopping for products, they’ll recognize your name or logo over your competitor’s. So, how do you conjure brand awareness magic?

Craft and create your own design that speaks to your company and beckons potential buyers, and do it with Leapin’ Lizard Labels! We do it all — formatting, printing, and sending the finished stickers out in a lightning speed turnaround time. Are you curious to how to create brand awareness magic? Follow along in today’s post, and learn how!

Seven, It’s The Magic Number

As a small businesses owner, you likely spend most of your time, including sleepless nights, trying to figure out how to spread your brand far and wide. Most companies want to go viral, yet it rarely happens, so what tactics work?

You can spend your life trying to create the perfect recipe for brand awareness, yet never see it come to fruition, and never quite see your product launch the way you always imagined. Perhaps you have to refer to the magic number, the magic number, in this case, is seven.

In marketing, there is an old wives tale of the number seven. They say that potential customers need to see an advertisement (or brand) seven times before it’s deemed of value. Logically, this makes sense, as the more a person is exposed to a brand, the more it stews in their subconscious and ready to be awakened when having to make a decision about what tea or salsa they might buy — but why seven? While there is no hard evidence to back up this number, it is left to the marketing ether and chocked up to conventional wisdom or a rule of thumb.

How Do You Expose Your Audience and Follow the Rule of Seven?

In an increasingly digital environment, it’s difficult to expose your brand to your demographic, not to mention doing it seven times! Print and stickers are a wonderful way to create brand awareness in a relatively cost-effective marketing strategy. Below are ways stickers follow the rule of seven.

Create a Cult, Local Following With Stickers

If you have a local product, spread brand awareness through customized stickers to fit each demographic. For example, say you make salsa. You can craft each design to each demographic. If you’re going to a fitness expo, talk about the ingredients or how the capsaicin in the jalapeno reduces inflammation, or if it’s a bar and restaurant tour, talk about how it’s small-batch made with big flavor. Have the stickers available at your booth, local farmers markets, and festivals. You can even build gift baskets to give away and include them with your products and stickers.

Once your brand begins to build awareness, you’ll begin to see stickers around town on water bottles, cars, and in bathroom stalls.

Create a National Following     

If you have a e-commerce store, this is a perfect opportunity to grow a national following with stickers. People who are ordering your product are already invested in it, so adding product schwag is the cherry on top for them. With each package, you ship, include a sticker or stickers with varying designs. Once their package is opened, chances are that sticker will go straight onto something — a skateboard, water bottle, or phone case. What better advertising is there than on an item that sits on a person’s desk or is highly visible?

Other Methods to Get Your Stickers Out

As a business owner you can get creative with your stickers — like by creating a business card sticker — as there are unlimited avenues to explore with stickers, including:

  • Working with local businesses in your industry and leaving them for customers to take at the register
  • Add value to a product by creating a sticker that doubles as a product tag
  • Send care packages of your product to social influencers and include your stickers

The takeaway — stickers create a brand awareness that works — whether it’s the rule of seven working its magic or more of just a snowball effect — stickers are visible and can show up anywhere to create a powerful and magnetic brand for your company.

Get into a sticky situation with us — reach out to us to order your stickers!  


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