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We’ve written previously on why using print in your marketing strategy is so profitable, so take a moment and read our previous article. The more people are exposed to your brand — whether they’ve tried it or not — the more likely they find trust and value in it over your competitor the next time they make a purchase. So, what do banners have to do with brand recognition?

Make a statement with a banner and gain instant brand recognition with it! At Leapin’ Lizard Labels, we create one-sided banners that are easy to hang to draw attention to your company. Today’s blog is all about why your small business needs a banner and the perfect places you can use them.

Why a Banner?

In the world of digital marketing, there are many approaches to growing your brand awareness including social media platforms and their influencers and SEO work, but home-grown and grass-roots brand awareness can be found in print!

Print is responsible for mailers and flyers, stickers, and banners among many other things. Print marketing not only creates a physical, tactile experience for potential customers, in the case of banners it creates a subconscious one.

Subconscious Marketing

According to a study by Harvard Business School, 95 percent of our purchasing decisions are based from our subconscious — 95 percent! The subconscious brain is targeted when a brand has or meets innate or psychological goals that trigger our reward center so it’s important to not only have a banner placed strategically, but it also greatly matters what the message is. Powerful subconscious messages that trigger our reward center include:

  • Belonging – Empathy, collaboration, relatedness, etc
  • Certainty – Reassurance, stability, etc
  • Sexuality – Lust, intimacy, etc
  • Power – Competition, prestige, authority, etc
  • Self-Development – Altruism, purpose, understanding, etc
  • Individuality – Control, autonomy, etc
  • Physiology – Nutrition, health, ecology, etc

A small business would benefit from investing in a banner(s) because it implements the best of subconscious marketing — an unobtrusive brand awareness with a powerful message that excites your reward center. So, the next time someone is going to reach for a certain product, they’ll recall your brand (and try to remember how) and choose yours over the competitor. How many times has this happened to you? Where you’re talking with friends or shopping and say “I can’t remember where I’ve seen this before, but I like it.” This is subconscious marketing at its finest!

Effective Places to Hang Your Banner

Banners are great for any large event to help gain brand recognition and there are many venues to which you can do it.


Whether they’re a local gathering of businesses around your town or music-related, festivals bring a large number of people over the course of a weekend which is a prime-time to get a banner hanging and into their subconscious! Even better is setting up a booth where people can learn more about the company.

Farmers Market

Farmers Markets typically run every weekend and some weekdays during the warm summer months, which makes them a great place to install a banner. This repeated exposure surely plays into marketing’s rule of seven which states that a consumer needs to be exposed to your brand at least seven times before committing to purchase.

Sporting Events

Sporting events such as races bring the masses, especially if it’s a well-known race, so procuring a place at the race will help increase your brand awareness and get people talking about your brand.  


You could place a banner in a couple of locations at a parade — on a float (you may have to sponsor one or pay a little more money for the exposure) and hanging from one of the streets — double the fun, double the exposure!

The Leapin’ Lizard Label Difference

Our process is much more of a higher quality because we use ink specifically for a vinyl surface,  and it costs less than other printing companies. The colors are vivid and rich and we spare no small detail when we reproduce your design and it will always come out accurately.

If you’re ready to create better brand awareness with one of our banners, reach out and connect with us today! And, ask us about our other printed marketing materials!


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