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The most wonderful time of the year is coming! Is your company prepared? There are many brands you’ll recognize that have successfully incorporated the holiday season as an integral facet of their branding. Here are a few notable companies that immediately come to mind as masters of the holiday logo. Hopefully, they spark some ideas for your holiday marketing! 


When you think of seasonal branding, surely one of the first companies that comes to mind is Starbucks. It seems like each year, Starbucks unveils an even better holiday cup than the last. Even if the traditional logo is absent from the design, you will still be able to recognize where the warm drink came from. The cups are always a work of holiday art, but it’s the drinks inside we love most! Starbucks is known for its seasonal drinks such as peppermint mocha, or gingerbread lattes. This has even expanded to include other seasons as well with pumpkin spice lattes being almost a cornerstone of fall culture. 


Oreo might be a more unexpected mention when it comes to holiday branding, but in recent years they have incorporated seasonal fun into the products and packaging. There are numerous products in the Oreo product lines, but the traditional Oreo gets a makeover a couple of times throughout the year. Around Christmas time, you can spot more festive colors where the royal blue packaging usually sits, as well as red creme filling instead of the usual white. This has also branched into fall, with orange creme and spooky cookie designs on the shelves around October. 


Another company whose holiday magic eventually expanded into Halloween, Freeform (formerly known as ABC Family) broadcasts its 25 Days of Christmas special for the month of December. These shows have become a pinnacle for many families celebrating the season with Rudolf, Buddy the elf, and Macaulay Culkin. Now many start tuning in during October for the 31 Days of Halloween specials with Jack Skellington and the Sanderson sisters. 


If you’re on the nice list, you might share a Coke with Santa this winter! The Coca-Cola Company has produced many marketing campaigns and rebrands since its inception in 1892. However, regardless of your age, you surely recall the vintage Santa and Polar Bear cans and commercials. This marketing was so impactful that some now view Coke as an integral part of holiday traditions, including buying ornament-shaped bottles for parties or having Coca-Cola tree ornaments! The bears and other various graphic elements have since been modernized, but we guarantee you’ll notice these fuzzy faces in stores soon. 


Another staple of holiday television is The Hallmark Channel. A common pop-culture joke is that every movie has a similar plot, and always ends the same, but this tradition is still going strong for many. The company doesn’t change its logo or purple branding much during the holidays, but you know where to go to get a Christmas love story fix. The Hallmark store is a great source of Christmas cards and yearly limited edition ornaments as well if you prefer to experience it in person. 

Have you seen any of these examples during the holidays, or have other favorites not mentioned here? Time to print your memorable seasonal branding and labels so your company can stand out from the competition and advertising clutter this year. We’d love to help boost your brand into a holly, jolly Holiday Season!

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