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Everyone needs a refresh or a change of scenery from time to time. It can be difficult to make changes that will have a lasting impact, but the pressure is even heavier when a company is trying to keep up with the times. A full-blown branding project can seem overwhelming, and expensive to implement. The good news is that you don’t have to jump straight to a complete overhaul! Here are seven quick adjustments you can make to tweak your brand that won’t disturb your operations processes. 


A brand’s voice is how they speak to the consumer. If your brand was a person, how would they sound? How would they write? Refining your brand’s language and voice can really change how it interacts with buyers. Depending on the type of company, you can really get creative and have some fun with this!

Social Media

Social media is an easy, cost-effective way to get your company out there. There are at least 4.5 billion people on social media, and this number is steadily growing. That’s a lot of potential eyes on your business! Change up the colors on your graphics, showcase your employees’ workday antics, or set a temporary profile image to support a cause; you can do a ton of fun things online that won’t affect your day to day operations negatively. 


Speaking of fun things online, another great way to give your brand a refresh is with your company website. This is an area a lot of small businesses struggle in. At least half of internet users say they attribute good web design with credibility, so a sleek website with a good user experience is a fantastic way to build trust with consumers. High definition images, clear calls to action and aesthetically pleasing colors are simple ways to take your online presence to the next level. 

Theme Line

Commonly known as a tagline or catchphrase, the theme line can add personality to your brand. Just do it. Got milk? I’m lovin’ it. Recognize any of these? Some taglines have been so successful that they are now a commonly-known part of pop culture.


This may not be practical for every company out there, but it could be a fun way to increase consumers’ recall of your brand. When you think of State Farm, McDonalds or Oscar Mayer, you likely also immediately hum a specific little tune. It can be annoying to get these stuck on a loop in your head, but it’s great for brand awareness!


Most commonly used on maps or to direct traffic to social media channels, icons can be a simple addition to your repertoire. Change up colors for the holiday season or modernize your iconography shapes to make things more straightforward for your consumers. This is often helpful online as well to lessen typography on your website and help direct customers where they need to be easier. 


You don’t have to pull your hair out to give your customers (and yourself) a fresh perspective. Use any of these ideas to refresh your branding without breaking the bank, or your operations chains.

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