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They say those first impressions last, and you are only given about five to 15 seconds to impress someone. So, if your product is on a shelf with a ton of other similar products, what does it take to get noticed by a potential client? What does it take to impress?

Chances are, your best bet is in your label design. Labels done right will do wonders for your ability to sell your products. Marketing labels are not just a random design you patch onto your products but a tool that can be very effective.

Here are some tips on how to make your labels stand out from the competition.

Know the Different Types of Labels

There are several different types of label materials available to use on a product depending on the look you’re going for and the information you want to convey.

Knowing which label you’re going to use gives you an idea of the information and strategy that you’re to implement on it. All labels are essential in enforcing your brand and in giving yourself a chance to sell your products.

Know the Right Tools To Use for Design

The beauty about design is that you don’t necessarily need to have the most expensive tools or software to create something beautiful and meaningful. If you have the right team to begin with, then know that it’s all about the concept you’re going to create.

Of course, execution is also vital. Tools such as Adobe Suite will definitely come in handy. Creativity is really your only limit. You could also try Canva’s Free Label Maker, you can do a lot with it even with its free access.

Don’t Forget the Most Important Information

A pretty straightforward tip we’ve got here, but brands get this one wrong more often than you’d think. Sometimes, all you want to put on your label is the brand name, logo, and a little bit of a description.

But, if we’re talking about the most important information to be included in the label, then apart from the aforementioned, don’t forget to include important dates, weight, nutritional information, ingredients list, warnings, or country of origins.

A slogan or catchy title would also work if there’s enough space. Anything can go on the label when done right.

Consider the Packaging and Container

Your packaging and container will serve as the canvas for your design, so it’s important to consider this beforehand. The size, shape, and type of your container should be considered.

Not all designs will look good on certain containers or packaging so be sure to be flexible enough to adapt and pick one that is sure to stand out.

A Logo Can Be Everything

Are you a believer in a good logo design? We are! Just think about the world’s most famous logos, Mcdonald’s, Coca Cola, Starbucks — the brands you immediately recognize just by seeing their logos.

Your logo need not be a home run right from the get-go, but at least use a logo that’s consistent with your brand. A logo that entices and at the same time represents what you sell and what your company is all about.

A pro tip, have a few designs made and don’t stop on the first one you’re satisfied with. Experiment first to make sure to reach the depths of your team’s creativity.

Clarity Is Vital

We understand how sometimes you may have a lot of ideas swirling around your head and you want to put them all into your labels. That’s fine, but know that clarity is always needed in your designs.

Whether you’re going minimalistic or all out on your label design, be sure that the message is imparted effectively. Because, otherwise, what’s the point?

Fonts and White Space

Last but not least, and a follow-up on our previous point, be sure to make use of fonts and white spaces effectively. You can have a combination of font styles if you want, placing them strategically on your labels with sizes appropriate to each information they represent.

Most importantly, don’t forget to have white spaces on your labels so your buyers don’t feel like they’re bombarded by information and get overwhelmed by your design.

Final Thoughts

When labels are done right, you can send the right message to your buyers immediately. They will know straight away what your product is all about or, much better, create an expectation of what they’re purchasing.

In a sea of competition, you need to do everything that you can to get noticed first and close the sale after. Labels are a great way to sell your product without any other intervention.

Need more label marketing help, tips, and tricks? We’re here to be of assistance anytime. Contact us today at courtney@leapinlizardlabels.com and let’s talk business!

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