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Summer’s upon us, everybody! 

Summer is more than a time to break out your sunscreen, cooler, and Slip N’ Slide; it warrants a label overhaul. After all, your labels exist for one reason — to be seen. As fun as summer is, everything about it can cause your labels to either fade or disappear altogether. 

Don’t let that get you glum with the sun! By preparing labels for the summer, not only will you have your name visible on every product you sell; your product will be the life of every summer party with people knowing which company to thank! 

It all comes down to making some really simple decisions and hiring the right label printing company. Grab your lawn chair, and read on to see how to make your labels ready for summer! 

What Summer Label Printing Protects Your Labels From

Summer label preparation involves choosing the right materials and adhesive types. Why? This is because the summer season brings about several conditions that may be detrimental to your product labels. 

Summer label printing aims to protect your labels from the following elements: 

UV Light

If you are selling products that you store in areas with direct light, your labels will need protection from UV light. UV light has a way of peeling away at your labels over time. 


With sunlight comes heat. With heat, comes the possibility of ordinary laminate material warping. This might not be a big deal if you’re selling non-perishables or toiletries. For products like food and beverages, the last thing you want is a customer complaining of a plastic taste in the food. 

Water or Moisture

Many beverages and food products have labels printed on matte paper. While this isn’t necessarily bad, matte paper isn’t water-resistant. During the summer, you want your labels to remain visible — especially if you’re selling food and drink. 

Hence, laminate and lamination options that give your labels extra protection are key. 

How To Prep Your Labels for the Summer

Summer-proofing your labels begins with getting in touch with the right label printing company. You’ll want a company that offers estimates and advice. As the cherry on top, choose one that gives these as quickly as possible.

Once you’ve gotten in touch, all you need to do is perform the following steps: 

1. Choose Your Label Laminate Material

The lamination process involves layering one laminate material on top of another. Since you’re protecting your labels from the conditions of summer, choosing UV-resistant and water-proof laminate materials is crucial. 

If you’re looking for options of laminate material, look no further than Fiberstone or White BOPP. If you want the benefits of White BOPP with the added perk of product visibility, another great laminate is Clear BOPP. 

For the added shine, there are reflective laminate materials available. One example is Silver Chrome BOPP, that’s sleek and summer-proof. 

2. Select an Adhesive

This is where things can get a little tricky because the right adhesive depends on your product. Here are some quick suggestions.

If you sell food products that need to be in cold storage like ice cream, choose a freezer-grade adhesive. This ensures that your labels stay intact while your product is in the deep freeze. 

If you’re in the bottled water business, try a tight radius adhesive for labels to go around your PET bottles. If you’re in the business of selling sunscreen, maybe general adhesive would go great with your White BOPP. 

3. Put It All Together With the Right Lamination Technique

Not all lamination techniques are the same. While most lamination types have a place in your summer label printing, some may be better depending on your product and other considerations. 

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a high-gloss laminate. However, if you’re after that extra UV protection minus the sunscreen, you can go with a UV high-gloss laminate. The UV high gloss laminate protects your label from fading even if you expose it for a long time under direct sunlight. 

Other lamination options include matte laminate for a more aesthetic look and thermal transfer laminate which goes well with White BOPP. The choice is yours. 

Just bear in mind that some lamination materials can’t be laminated. Some materials not fit for lamination include Matte Paper and FSC-Certified Kraft Paper.

Summer-Proof Your Labels with the Right Label Printing Company

The right label printing company can deliver more than labeling services – they are able to offer you a vast array of materials, adhesives, and lamination types and recommend them based on what you need. 


Are you looking for such a company? Contact us today at team@leapinlizardlabels.com and let’s talk business!

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