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How important are the labels on your products? Very. When it comes to branding, we can’t take them for granted. After all, labels are an extension of your marketing. They attract potential customers to your products and let them know what they’re buying. Well-designed labels also leave an excellent impression in the minds of consumers. There’s a strategy for properly placing labels on your products, and it all starts with accurate measurements. So how do you measure them correctly?

What Type of Containers Should You Use?

Before you can measure your container, you need to choose the right one. The container that you use for your merchandise should match the needs of your product. Are you selling a powdered substance, or maybe a beverage? The best way to determine what you need is to research standard containers for this type of product and try to pull inspiration from what they do.

You can have containers custom-made or use ready-made ones from stores. Keep in mind that small details like the shape of your container can make a difference- just look at Coca-Cola. The signature shape of their bottles has had a massive effect on their marketing.

If you want to add a familiar feel to your products, you should consider standard shapes. If you want to display the uniqueness and individuality of your products, consider some out-of-the-box design options. Most importantly, however, while choosing your container, keep in mind that you’ll need space to apply your labels with your brand and product information. Always consider a container made of compatible material that also has room for your branding.

How to Get the Right Fit

Round Bottles

If you’ve decided to go with round bottles, then the trick is to measure the bottom of it using a flat ruler from one side to the other. This is how you get the bottle’s diameter. Once you have this, multiply it by 3.14 (pi) to get the circumference. This will measure the external circumference of the bottle. If you want your label to wrap all of the way around, this will show you how long your label will need to be.

To get the height needed for your label, measure the height of the bottle’s flat surface (curve to curve). If you want a gap between the ends of the label, take off 1/8 to 1/4 inch from the width and 1/8th inch from the height.

Rectangular or Square-shaped Containers

For containers of this shape, you only need to measure the side of the bottle where your label will be applied. Using your ruler, measure the height and width of the container’s surface area.

In label printing terms, the height and the width are referred to as “the across” and “the around”, respectively. They are always stated in this order, so a 2″x4″ label will be two inches tall and four inches wide to wrap around the container. Once again, it’s recommended to subtract 1/8 inch from both the width & height of the measurements to ensure that the label will fit properly.

Where to Put the Labels?

We’re not going to tell you exactly where to put the labels on your containers, but we’ll give you ideas on how to determine the perfect spot yourself.

First of all, you have to know your target market; this will determine how they’ll examine your product, including your label. The size of your label will also help you determine where you’ll put it.

Make it conspicuous enough, and be sure to add a little bit of creativity to it. Don’t be afraid to do something creative with the placing, but make sure that your messaging and details are clearly visible. Be wary of folds and overlaps.

Wrapping Up

Just because we’re already in the packaging phase of our business does not mean we stop being creative or strategic with our approach. On the contrary, we need to put just the same amount of effort into it just as we were manufacturing our product.

This is now the output that your target market will see and reflect who you are. If your product looks like a mess, then no one’s going to buy it, even if it’s top quality.

Labels are crucial, so we need to make them count. Are you a business owner? For more tips and insights, contact Leapin’ Lizard Labels and let us help you grow your business the right way!

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