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A purchase starts with the customer’s eyes. Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman shares that 95% of purchasing decisions are subconscious. This means that even before customers read your products’ features, they probably already know how they feel about your brand.

One of the most important parts of your product is your label. Once a good label design captures a customer’s interest, it’s easier to get them to purchase your product. This is why visual appeal and good label design are significant in business.

Here are five label design tips you should follow so your label print design stands out to your customers:

1. Know Your Market

Before planning your design, identify and understand who your product is for. Are you selling to mothers in their 30s to 40s? Are you selling to teenagers? Good design speaks to the audience, so it’s essential to know who you are marketing to.

When you understand who the product or the design is for, you can start researching what they like or their personal preferences. For example, if you’re creating a food product for vegans in their 20s, you’d want to know what themes or motifs they gravitate towards. Do they like earthy or neutral colors? Do they prefer minimalist designs? Ask questions like this to determine how to design labels geared to your audience.

2. Make Your Text Readable

The text on your label is not just there to provide information but also to establish branding. It contributes to your label’s overall look. Sometimes, however, this can be easy to overlook. One of the most common issues in label design is the text’s legibility. There are multiple factors that make a design hard to read:

  • Font style: Sometimes, a fancy font can be illegible. For example, fonts in cursive or handwritten styles can be hard to make out, especially when printed too small. It may be your favorite font, but if others have a hard time reading your text, it’s best to do away with it for now and pick a simpler font instead.
  • Font color: An orange-colored font against a red background or a blue-colored font against a purple background can make your text unreadable. When selecting the best colors for your text, make sure its color complements the background so it’s easier to read.
  • Font size: Take note of your label sizes and adjust your font sizes accordingly. You don’t want to print out large labels with tiny fonts.

The best way to know if your text is easy to read is to have other people read it. If your friends or coworkers can’t read it, your customer probably won’t be able to read it either. Carefully inspect your text’s style, color, and size for a great design that attracts customers.

3. Choose Colors That Identify With Your Brand

Did you know that colors affect your customers’ impression of your product? This is called color psychology. Whatever colors you choose for your designs will say a lot about your brand.

A color emotion guide shares different colors and the respective feelings they invoke:

  • Yellow: Optimism, clarity, warmth
  • Orange: Friendly, cheerful, confidence
  • Blue: Trust, dependability, strength
  • Purple: Creative, imaginative, wise
  • Red: Excitement, youthful, bold
  • Green: Peaceful, growth, health
  • Gray: Balance, neutral, calm

4. Choose the Right Material

Of course, the kind of material you use for your labels matters. Quality label printing impacts your product’s appearance and affects how your customers feel about your brand. It doesn’t matter if you have the most fabulous label design out there — if you use substandard materials or label materials that don’t match your packaging, it would only make your product look and feel substandard. Thus, it’s best to research what type of material fits your product and packaging best.

Not sure where to start? Check out the different materials available here at Leapin’ Lizard Labels.

5. Be Consistent

Finally, don’t forget to be consistent. Consistent branding makes your products recognizable, creating your unique identity and keeping your customers’ experience more uniform. Consistent branding in your packaging or label printing also fosters trust. The more consistent your designs and product labels are, the more reliable you become to customers.


Most buyers decide on their purchases with their emotions, attitudes, and impressions. This is why a well-thought-out label design is essential. It shapes your brand identity and how people will react to it in the future.

If you’re new to this whole custom labels thing, we made a complete guide for you here.

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