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Let’s be honest: nothing catches a customer’s attention better than attractive packaging. While it can be difficult to market certain products in an exciting way, the best part about marketing in the beauty industry is the endless possibilities to explore. The beauty industry is incredibly versatile, giving you space to experiment with different marketing techniques. That being said, how exactly can you make your cosmetics stand out from the rest just by redesigning your product labels?

This article will walk you through some valuable tips to help you create dynamic and exciting labels to make your products shine on the shelf. 

How to Create Attractive Beauty Product Labels

Pick Something to Highlight

All product stickers need a focal point; this is the spot on your packaging that is the most eye-catching. It’s good practice to put key information about your product here so your customers can identify your product faster. You can create a focal point using pictures, dynamic composition, vibrant text, or by adding other aesthetically pleasing elements to your design. For example, certain products like shampoo and conditioner can easily be mismatched, so many brands often label them by type using large and eye-catching fonts. Creating a focal point using design elements representing your brand will make your products appealing and easily identifiable.

Experiment with Fun Materials

The primary purpose of these labels is to encourage people to pay attention to your product. If you want to take it up a notch and get people to notice you, it’s time to start experimenting with bold color combinations and materials. One of the best examples of this is cosmetic products with holographic labels. Holographic labels can be seen from a mile away as long as you have a good light source. It’s different, and it immediately compels people to look at its bright and shimmering lettering.

Study Color Psychology

Color psychology is one of the most effective marketing tactics brands can employ. It has been widely used for years now, both in and out of the beauty industry. The basic theory is that specific colors and color combinations evoke different feelings in the viewer, so you can craft the kind of mood you want your brand to carry by tweaking the color scheme. If you want a more lively and cheerful mood for your cosmetics, yellow is the best choice. If you want your brand to come off as clean, hygienic, or effective, then a simple white is what you should be going for. Study color psychology charts and other resources while deciding on a color scheme for your label; there are a lot of free resources online!

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Notes and Try Again

So, your first printed design didn’t get as much attention as you thought it would. That’s normal! Designing beauty product stickers involves a lot of trial and error. You won’t know what your consumers want right away, so you’ll have to experiment and release different versions to nail down the most effective approach. Monitor sales and consumer behavior as you gather enough data to figure out which areas you’ve nailed and which you need to improve on.

Make Sure to Include Important Info

While creating your product labels, you can’t forget the supplementary information, like the use directions and ingredients. Designing an attractive label is essential, but it won’t be useful if your clients can’t figure out what it’s for, what it’s made from, or how to use it. This also ensures that you comply with distribution laws for your products. While piecing everything together, keep readability and clarity in mind. Make sure you have enough empty space that your label isn’t too busy or difficult to read.

Print Your Design Right!

Next comes the printing process once you’ve nailed the perfect design for your label. This step can make or break your design; no matter how eye-catching it is on screen, it won’t draw anyone’s interest if your labels are flimsy, dull, and blurry. You also want long-lasting labels; if the label isn’t legible anymore by the time your customer runs out of your product, how will they know where to buy more?

By working with a reliable company, you protect your invested time and effort by ensuring that the labels will have as much impact as possible. If you want clear and sharp prints with vivid colors on long-lasting materials, our team at Leapin’ Lizard Labels is here to help. You provide the file, and we provide the high-quality materials, machines, and the expertise needed to use them right. Click Here for Your Free Quote!

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