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If you are a local business owner, you have most likely thought of paying for ad space online or having billboards to advertise and market your business. However, paying for ad space and billboards for your business can be pretty expensive. That is why automotive marketing is a cost-effective way to do your business advertising. 

You might notice that, while in traffic, you often stare and look at cars unconsciously. Maybe you see a couple of stickers at the car window or read some silly joke that caught your attention. That is the power of automotive marketing. 

There are tons of other benefits to car marketing that can surely help you grow your presence as a business. Not convinced yet? No worries! We’ll walk you through using your car as a billboard to help scale your business.

Benefits of Automotive Marketing

We have listed down just a few benefits of using your car as your next billboard to grow your business.

1. Cost-Effective  

If you have experience in digital marketing, automating your business on social media sites, and building your online presence, you know how expensive it can get. Paying for clicks and not getting the best results can be unmotivating. This is where automotive advertising comes into play; getting car stickers for your advertising costs way less! In fact, automotive marketing reaches more audiences at a far lower cost than other advertising types. You can change stickers on your window cling as often as you like because it’s much cheaper than other forms of advertising. Unlike renting an ad space and paying twice or thrice as much, you get to play with your car marketing strategy as much as you want for little money.

2. Reach Different Demographics

Not everyone is present online or targeted in your digital marketing. Luckily, automotive marketing gives you a larger audience, driving traffic to your business and increasing sales. In fact, it is one of the most effective ways to advertise your business wherever you go. These people may look at your car while they’re stuck in traffic and think that they need that service or product. Unlike in social media, you cannot “skip” car advertisements — making it an effective and efficient billboard just for your business. 

3. Advertise Anywhere 

Vehicle advertising alone can generate or reach around 30,000 to 70,000 people a day. Talk about utilizing your marketing strategy. Don’t stress about traffic jams; make them opportunities for marketing your business! 

You can imagine driving to town, parking your car, and instantly catching people’s attention. People who see those advertisement stickers might decide to use your service or buy your products by just being present in that particular location. Since vehicles are mobile, you are not limited to just a single space! 

4. Brand Awareness

Your car can become a brand ambassador! You can use stickers on your vehicle to get people’s attention. Your car transforms into a unique billboard representing your business throughout the town and wherever you go. Being present has never been easier with car marketing. 


How To Start Your Car Billboard Marketing

Like all advertising or marketing strategies, we start with a plan. Here are some steps to take to begin car marketing!

  • Unique Design: Get your designs ready and create unique and effective marketing quotes to describe your business best. Think of a catchy line to get people’s attention and boldly present your logo or brand.
  • Placement: Think of your placement of the advertisement. Our stickers can be used as a billboard, and the sides of your car also have tons of space ready to be utilized. Placement and a good coherent design are essential in this form of marketing. 
  • Quality Stickers: Use quality stickers to make your car a moving billboard! At Leapin’ Lizard Labels, we can provide you with high-quality stickers for your vehicle. Our stickers are perfect for your car marketing designs. They apply smoothly on your car, with no bumps or bubbles if applied correctly. You can create different designs filled with various colors, and we can custom cut them for you without worries.


If you are looking to optimize your car’s marketing potential and help grow your business, Leapin’ Lizard Labels is your partner-in-growth. We can help market your business by delivering the ultimate customer experience and providing the highest quality labels for all of your business needs. Your car is just one sticker away from being the billboard of your dreams. Get a quote today and start your car marketing strategy to help your business grow!


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