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When it comes to marketing your business, it is no surprise that you should turn to digital marketing and advertise your company online. Yes, digital marketing is effective, but traditional marketing, particularly sticker marketing, should not be underestimated.

Stickers have been used for advertising, promoting businesses, and raising product awareness for many years. Yet, they are still one of the cheapest and most successful ways to market your business up to this day.

Sticker marketing aims to raise your brand’s profile by increasing visibility. Here are some unique and effective ways to use stickers to market and promote your business.

Use Stickers as a Gift

You might not think stickers are best suited as a gift, but they are! Everyone enjoys receiving gifts, no matter how small it is. No matter what products and services you’re offering, consider giving stickers as a loyalty gift or as a gift with purchase. You can also provide stickers for your friends and family and ask them to put them on their stuff, such as:

  •       Laptops
  •       Cars
  •       Water bottles
  •       Coffee mugs
  •       Hard hats
  •       & More

When many people use your stickers, the more likely it is that other people will notice your brand. It improves your chances of attracting new customers interested in your brand because they saw the sticker on something your friend or relative was using.

As a result, your brand is being exposed to new customers without you having to do anything other than handing out stickers. Make sure your stickers include information about your company and contact information so that anyone who sees them from a friend or colleague can quickly contact you directly.

Use Stickers for Package Branding & Product Labeling

It may be a common technique, but it is effective, particularly for businesses that offer goods. The packaging and labeling of your products can significantly impact how people view your brand because the importance and effectiveness of product labels and package branding is becoming more widely recognized.

When customers receive the products, the first impression of the package is crucial since it reveals the characteristics of your brand. When they read the labels’ information, it should pique their curiosity and establish their trust in your company.

Stickers are way less expensive than printed packaging. It allows you to have more freedom to customize your package and label by just customizing your stickers.

Use Stickers as Seasonal Packaging

Another advantage of simply personalizing your packaging using stickers is that you can easily change the label and packaging design depending on the season. If you adapt and join the seasonal trend, your business will typically benefit.

Simply updating your adorable stickers to match the season and trend will make your customers happy and increase the chances of your products being recommended to other people and even being shared on social media.

Use Stickers as Package Seals

Like stickers on packages and labels, stickers as seals significantly impact marketing and can even be excellent for online marketing.

Many people like sharing their unboxing experiences, regardless of their products. The camera usually focuses on the seal being removed in opening the package. Imagine the exposure your brand will receive if customers share their unboxing experience on the internet.

Ensure that the sticker is well-designed and worthy of sharing and publishing on social media to maximize the probability that people will do so.

Use Stickers in Your Shop’s Window Signage

If you have a physical store or office, utilize the space of your window to promote your business. This targets by-passers and window shoppers and increases the chance of people being interested in your business after seeing an eye-catching large sticker or banner on the window.

Window signage is more than simply placing a giant sticker with your company’s logo. Stickers can also be used to announce and notify people about:

  •       Events
  •       Activities
  •       Programs
  •       Sales
  •       Promotions
  •       Offers
  •       & More

Use Stickers That Are Premium and High Quality

With all of the different strategies for promoting your business, it’s crucial to use stickers from a reliable and trustworthy sticker and label printing company. No matter how good the sticker marketing strategies are, a low-quality sticker can defeat the purpose and may even harm your brand instead.

Leapin’ Lizards Labels is a top-rated sticker and label printing company that provides only the best label and logo sticker materials. We offer eco-friendly options and print high-quality stickers that are resistant to water, oils, and chemicals.

Your print-ready artwork is printed according to your exact specifications. Whether you hire a designer or design the labels yourself, we’ve compiled a list of every aspect your label digital files should include.

Allow Leapin’ Lizards Labels to assist you in promoting your business by providing the highest quality banners and stickers that meet your needs.

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