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The success of your concert is just a banner away. Band members and managers are often in a tight spot when marketing their concerts. After all, shows are hard to organize and require innovative promotional strategies to succeed. While marketing your concert, you must utilize all the promotional tools at your disposal.

At Leapin’ Lizard Labels, we are here to guide you in marketing your band’s next concert for success. Keep on reading to know more! 

Create Captivating Designs

Your concert’s designs should reflect the experience your fans will get when they go to your show. You can use different fonts and bold colors. Play with graphics to tease your fans about the concert they’ll experience. Your design should be eye-catching. Be consistent in your design ideas to create a captivating story for your fans to see.

Your concert designs and labels will also help you build up the momentum leading to your event. Being coherent in strategizing your marketing materials will ensure good branding that will surely drive fans to your shows. 

Use Digital Marketing

If you have finalized your concert’s marketing design, you should start driving traffic and promoting in all forms. Plan out your marketing strategy using a calendar method and check all the essential lists in promoting your band’s concert. Here are a few digital marketing options you can do:

  • Utilize your social media presence on Facebook, Youtube, and your website. You can pay for social media ads to boost your band’s concert marketing. Create all forms of content such as social media banners, covers, and teasers.
  • Create catchy teasers of short videos that talk about the concert experience. By doing this, you will be able to excite fans to rave about the band’s concert.
  • Create an event on your social media page. This will solidify and direct potential goers and fans to your concert. Ensure all the correct information about the event is listed, including the time, date, ticket schedules, etc.

Use Printed Marketing

As much as digital marketing is viral nowadays, you must not neglect your print marketing for your band’s concert. Fans these days are into collective memorabilia in shows and are drawn to printed posters. That is why printed marketing is very much alive and still booming today! Printed marketing materials include:

  • Banners
  • Window Clings
  • Stickers
  • Labels

It is still very effective in marketing and promoting your concert through different demographics and adds culture to your band’s concert. You can imagine the feeling of going down the street and seeing the band you love promoting a concert in your area. That will excite fans!

Some additional perks of print marketing are that they cost less and utilize foot traffic. You can position your posters, banners, and stickers in your local colleges, coffee shops, businesses, and bulletin boards. Besides, it reaches a wide range of local audiences and creates meaningful, lasting impressions. Talk about character!

Get High-quality Printing Solutions

We at Leapin’ Lizard Labels can provide you with all the high-quality printed materials you need to ace your marketing strategy. We print out different colorful designs using premium materials for your concert marketing needs. 

Choose from the following printing solutions we offer at Leapin’ Lizards Label:

  • Banners – print out your concert design in our one-sided vinyl banner that can range from the length of four to fifteen inches. That will surely get some eyes captivated to go to your concert.
  • Window Clings – printed window clings can be used on storefront windows or glass doors. Our window clings don’t use adhesive, so they’re easily removed.
  • Stickers – promotional stickers range in different shapes and sizes and can be custom printed and cut as you’d like. 
  • Labels – printed labels with your band’s name or concert design are just good concert staples. Fans will adore your printed concert labels. 

Haven’t decided what to print yet? How about printing them all! Ensure that you cover all bases and drive more fans to go to your band’s next concert by utilizing the marketing you have access to. We at Leapin’ Lizard Labels are your partner in printing your marketing materials and acing your band’s concert promotion. What are you waiting for? Get Your Quote Today and start planning your band’s next concert!

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