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Summer is just around the corner, and we’re ready here at Leapin’ Lizard Labels! If you’re running a business offering products or services and want to boost your summer sales, we’d love to help. Consumers have different buying behaviors from season to season, so curating your brand for each season is a great way to make sure you stay relevant. Let’s start getting your business out there with fresh labels, stickers, banners, and more!

We offer various material options, including BOPP, paper, hemp, adhesive materials, laminate, and eco-friendly options. Check out our website to discover which material will be best to print your new summer designs. Whatever kind of design you have, we have a material that you can print on for the best possible results. 

When it comes to labels, we’ve seen it all. Every business has its own unique flair, so choose a label that fits your theme. But if you’re having trouble thinking of a fabulous new label design to send our way, here are some of our summer favorites: 

Summer Sun Designs

When you hear “summer,” the first thing you think of is the sun! Sun designs are common for summer labels and stickers, and the brilliant colors of yellow and orange are always a satisfying color combination. Including sun designs on your labels, banners, and stickers will get people just as excited for your product as they are for summer break to hit. 

Summer sun designs will convey an upbeat summer vibe and capture everyone’s attention. You can decorate your storefront with large summer sun banners and window clings, announcing to everyone that your store is ready for the summer. You can also include sunny sales and discounts to encourage people to visit your shop this summer. 

Plant Designs

Plants are currently all the rage in this year’s market, so we want to include plant designs in our list of Summer 2022 trendiest stickers! Plants add a clean, simple flair to many different products, especially plant-based ones!.

Some examples of companies that could use plant designs on their stickers include:

  • Plant growers
  • Plant-based products
  • Companies that plant trees
  • Environmentally friendly companies

Since spring and summer plants signify growth, therefore any company can use them in their marketing efforts. An example of this would be hosting a conference where you give the guests stickers with seeds for them to plant as a visual for exponential growth in the years to come. Just think of the possibilities this brings to marketing for your company!

Palm Tree Summer Designs

Palm trees are another common yet essential feature to include in your summer label and sticker designs. Palm trees evoke images of sunny beaches and tropical relaxation. You can design your stickers around the palm tree for the perfect summer aesthetic. 

One of the best ways to promote and advertise your business using stickers is to have us print your design on one of our recommended sticker materials, like UV High Gloss Laminate on White BOPP. The UV High Gloss Laminate is applied to the White BOPP for products that live outdoors. This laminate protects the colors on your stickers from fading, and are also waterproof! You can offer your new palm tree summer stickers to customers, and  they can apply the stickers to outdoor products like:

  • Grills
  • Coolers
  • Tents and tent bags
  • Campers
  • Outdoor torches and lanterns
  • Awnings and Pergolas
  • Pools and hot tubs

Summer Sky Designs

Summer sky patterns are a popular choice for labels because they are relatively simple — some people even design them themselves instead of hiring a designer. Thanks to the design’s soothing and vibrant blue colors, your labels will have a conservative and traditional summer look. On top of people loving summer vibes, people perceive blue as peaceful, quiet, secure, and neat. This will help you attract more customers and increase your product sales.

A summer party and events will be the season’s hit with the summer sky design for your product labels. This design is ideal for:

  • Water or juice bottle labels
  • Whiskey or beer bottle labels
  • Box labels and stickers
  • Candle labels
  • CBD and Hemp product labels

Beach Summer Designs

Beach designs are the ultimate summer style. Decorate your products with brightly colored surfboards, umbrellas, inflatable beach balls, ice cream, and other beach accessories. Add a blazing sun and palm trees to your design to pump up the summer vibes even more. This is excellent for banners, storefront window clings, and stickers promoting your company’s readiness for summer.

Beach-themed labels also work well on boxes, beverages, dietary supplements, personal care products, private labels, promotional labels, etc.

Have Your Summer Designs Printed by a Reliable Custom Label Printing Company

No matter how beautifully detailed your summer designs are, they won’t reach customers if they’re printed poorly. Invest in high-quality service to provide the best possible products for your customers. Leapin’ Lizard Labels is a world-class printing company specializing in printing labels, stickers, and banners for businesses all over the country. We’ve got you covered whether you need them for your store, office, or business!

Call us today at (970) 484-0850 or visit our website to get a Free Quote on your high-quality summer labels, banners, and stickers with your fun and unique summer designs! We can assist you in obtaining the ideal summer adaption stickers and labels and boost your summer sale.

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