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Modern consumers demand personalization from companies of all industries and sizes — even in their packaging. Today, digital printing can help brands stand out from the sea of competition through custom labels. If you haven’t hopped onto this trend yet, it’s time to huddle with your design team and get planning. 

Remember, customers nowadays look for and remember companies who go the extra mile. If you surpass customers’ expectations, you’ll be able to capture, engage, and convert your target audiences efficiently. 

So, how can printing labels enhance your personalization efforts? This article will tell you everything you need to know about personalization and digital printing so you can turn these two tools into a revenue-generating machine! 

What Is Digital Printing? 

Digital printing is a process that directly transfers digital images to various media substrates. 

Unlike traditional methods like offset printing, it doesn’t require printing plates. Instead, digital presses print images directly on your preferred material. 

Here are some benefits that prove this method is a cut above other printing techniques: 

  • Consistent colors: Any marketing expert can tell you how crucial consistency is in your labels. Consistency establishes connections with consumers; when your color prints are always slightly off, people will have a hard time remembering and recognizing your brand. 
  • Finer details: Going digital lets you print thoughtfully detailed work, as this process uses thinner ink layers to represent every nitty-gritty detail accurately. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: You don’t need set-up fees for digital printing, making it a more affordable option than its traditional counterparts. 
  • Quick delivery: Digital printing is much faster than other printing methods. It doesn’t go through pre-press stages so that you can get your labels on your products in no time. 
  • Small volume production: One of the best things about digital printing is that there are no minimum fees. Whether you need 100 or 10,000 labels, you can count on a printer like Leapin’ Lizard Labels to do the job. 

The Role of Personalization in Digital Printing 

If you’re wondering whether there’s room for personalization in digital printing, the answer is yes - absolutely! Your winning design team plays a crucial role in this strategy. 

Do you remember Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke campaign? The soft drink market leader created custom labels for different names. Naturally, people got excited to see their “own” Coke bottles. 

Finding James, Robert, Mary, or Jennifer bottles was easy. The company also offered custom bottles online for those with less common names. The named bottles made consumers feel like Coca-Cola designed products particularly for them, leading to spectacular results. 

IPA Social Works shares through its Share a Coke report that about ten million teens had not had Coca-Cola the year before the launch. After running the campaign, an additional 1.25 million individuals from the age group tried coke the following summer. It also boosted Coca-Cola’s share by a jaw-dropping 11% in the country. 

Coca-Cola isn’t the only brand that found success by printing labels. Think of the Crayola My Way Campaign, personalized Toblerone packs, and custom Function of Beauty bottles

Ways to Personalize Your Printing 

It’s time to take the cue from megacorporations. Remember, custom packaging is not just for massive brands. You can use various printing techniques to match your market’s needs. Below are some packaging ideas. 

Customize Your Box 

Gone are the days of bland, brown carton boxes. Present-day consumers now enjoy posting packages along with their purchases, and you don’t want potential customers to associate your company with boring packaging. 

Think of your box as an extension of your brand. Printing labels should do the trick. 

Print Thank You Notes 

Slipping thank you notes in your packaging shows customers how much you appreciate their support; consumers love such efforts and won’t hesitate to share them on social sites. Printing such materials sets you apart from more prominent brands that don’t have time for individual customers. 

Add Free Stickers 

When clients use your stickers on their water bottles, laptop covers, or car windows, they function as small-scale brand ambassadors for your products or services. Anyone who sees these fun badges will view them as a personal recommendation. 

Select relevant designs for your customers so they won’t just throw away stickers. Imagine what hundreds of sticker-clad supporters can do for your company! 

Print Custom Labels and Stickers Now 

Did you know that 80% of consumers are more likely to support brands that offer personalized experiences? Don’t forget that your packaging can help you enhance your personalization efforts. 

If you’re looking for Fort Collins digital printing services, check out Leapin’ Lizard Labels. We offer one-hour quick quotes, no-minimum orders, and a wide selection of label and sticker materials, from freezer-grade to water-soluble to eco-friendly options. 

Call 970-484-0850 or fill out our quick and easy form online to request a quote. 

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