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Displaying visually attractive banners, floor decals, and window clings is a simple, effective way to market your business, as well as the products and services that you offer. That’s why Leapin’ Lizard Labels offers high-quality banner, floor decal, and window cling printing solutions for business owners like you.

In this blog post, we will describe what banners, floor decals, and window clings are. Let us explain how our banner printing, floor decal printing, and window cling printing services can help you promote your business in unique ways. Finally, we will reveal how you can request a free quote from Leapin’ Lizard Labels.

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Banner Printing Services

A banner is a long piece of cloth, vinyl, tarpaulin, or other pliable, durable material which displays a logo, slogan, or advertisement. Its purpose is to catch passersby’s eyes and convey a fundamental message visually. It is commonly attached on flat surfaces in public places such as walls or booths. It may also be hung through rope or string attachments.

Banners make it possible for your business to stand out during trade shows, farmer’s markets, and other public events. While it is easy to get lost in the crowd during these occasions because of the abundance of competitor businesses and consumers in the location, banners can draw the attention of potential customers and clients to your booth or table. They can also inform potential customers that you will be having an event, what event is currently going on, or if you’re planning a business move.

Leapin’ Lizard Labels can design and print colorful, attractive banners for your business. We create premium, personalized one-sided vinyl banners that range in length from four to 15 feet, and have silver or brass grommets. Our banners offer good value for your money since they are flexible, sturdy, and affordable at the same time.

We are experts at rendering eye-popping color on printed surfaces of banners, so you can expect that your banners will exhibit vivid shades that are fully saturated. You can also look forward to accurately reproducing your banner design through our exceptional banner printing services.

Floor Decal Printing Services

If banners motivate your leads and clients to look up, floor decals will encourage them to look down. Floor decals are adhesive stickers that are pasted on the floor. They are typically water-resistant and dust-resistant to weather the foot traffic that floors in public spaces usually encounter.

Floor stickers allow you to share a short, concise message to consumers. You can use decals for marketing and advertising purposes to inform shoppers about special sales and promotions of your business. You can also utilize these stickers to guide your store or booth. You can use the decals as signage to inform consumers about social distancing reminders and hazard warnings.


Leapin’ Lizard Labels can make personalized floor decals for your business through our sustainable printing process. We print our decals using water-based inks that are friendly to the environment because they are safe and non-toxic. These matte stickers are created from non-slip, fabric-reinforced PVC, which is simple to apply and remove. Plus, they do not leave a sticky adhesive residue once detached from the floor.

These fully customizable stickers can feature customized images and text according to your preferences and needs. You may apply these decals to floors made of various materials, such as wood, tile, carpet, metal, PVC, untreated stone, and painted surfaces. You can use floor stickers in various locations, such as retail stores, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, schools, convention centers, and event venues.

Window Cling Printing Services

Window clings are adhesive signs that are created from plastic film. They are attached to windows via static electricity. Although they are typically affixed to glass, they may also be stuck to certain metal or plastic surfaces. You can apply window clings to your storefront or the windows of your car.

Leapin’ Lizard Labels can make different types of personalized window clings for your business:

  • Advertisement Window Clings: We can print out window clings to market your product or business. You can include your brand, company colors, and slogan in the signs.
  • Promotional Window Clings: Our team can make window clings to announce the latest promos of your retail store.
  • Decorative Window Clings: We can produce decorative window clings to add pizazz to your ordinary windows to set an exciting vibe for your store. You may request landscapes, trees, flowers, virtual stained glass, and other designs based on the specific look you envision for your business venue.
  • Holiday Window Clings: Our team can make holiday decorating a breeze through our window clings tailored for various special occasions.

Get a Free Quote on Leapin’ Lizard Labels’ Banner, Floor Decal, and Window Cling Printing Services

Level up your marketing strategy by letting Leapin’ Lizard Labels create customized banners, floor decals, and window clings for your business. Call us at (970) 484-0850 or visit our website to get a free quote for our banner printing, floor decal printing, and window cling printing.


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