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Seasonal labels are a fun and simple way to get creative and capitalize on those short-lived and memorable times of the year. Nothing excites consumers, like aisles full of packaging filled with fall leaves or Christmas candy canes… Keep reading to get the scoop on all the latest trends in seasonal label creation!


What Is A Seasonal or Special Edition Label?

Have you ever picked up a box of your favorite cereal or a bottle of your everyday creamer and noticed that it’s suddenly decked out in Halloween pumpkins or Christmas bows? That’s seasonal labeling at work. These decorative labels are a great way to make a classic product look new and more appealing to the consumer. Even though the product may be exactly the same, the packaging gives the illusion of something more exciting.


Why Use Seasonal Labels?

Creating a new label for a limited time may seem daunting, so why do it? One of the biggest reasons for taking the time to make a decorative seasonal label is to set your product apart from the countless others on the shelf. With such a competitive market, eye-catching designs are a surefire way to increase customer interactions (and sales). Why go for the plain old vanilla cakes when there are Halloween pumpkin-shaped treats right next to them? Seasonal imagery can do wonders for your business’s bottom line.

Think about when you’re walking through the store, there’s a display table filled with all kinds of seasonal items. It caught your attention against all of the other products, didn’t it? Why? We are naturally drawn to things that are out of the norm of our everyday experiences. Keeping up with the seasons and reflecting them in your labeling is essential to staying relevant and engaging with customers.


Opportunities For New Advertisement

Consumers prepare all year long to spend extra money during the holiday season. This includes spending money on seasonal products that are all part of the experience, such as fall candles once the temperature drops outside. New labeling also provides the opportunity to push advertising, unveiling the seasonal imagery featured on your product. “Limited time only” is a great phrase to entice customers with, letting them know that if they want to get their hands on this special product, they don’t have much time. “Fear of missing out” can be the driving force behind getting your product in shopping carts and off the shelf.


Looking to create custom special edition labels for your products but not sure where to start? Contact us today to discuss your seasonal labeling needs!

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