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Solid inventory management systems allow business owners to see all their stock down to the shelf and bin level. This prevents stockouts, simplifies estimating an adequate lead time for stock replenishment, and provides you with an estimate of the value of your stock at any given time. 

In short, effective inventory management keeps track of merchandise from purchase to sale, helping businesses determine which goods to order and when to order them.

However, traditional inventory management is not easy, and unpredictable circumstances can disrupt your inventory management anytime. Thankfully, inventory management has been transformed by digital printing. Digital printing tailors and customizes your packaging and label solutions to your inventory demands, simplifying and smoothing out your inventory management process. Here's how digital label printing helps with inventory management:

Reduces Forecasting Errors

Forecasting is particularly useful when it comes to determining inventory levels. However, some things are hard to foresee, no matter how good your trackers are. Natural disasters may cause some or all of your goods to be unavailable. Other than decreasing your exposure, there isn't a foolproof way to protect your company from the unpredictable.

However, digital printing can seriously help you maintain flexibility. It has no setup fees and allows you to place smaller orders for your labels that are cost-effective and less expensive. With digital printing, you can order labels weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual to suit your needs. You can even have multiple SKUs printed on the same order without paying any additional setup charges or plate fees. This reduces the window of time that you have to forecast; instead of trying to predict what will happen in the next few months or even the following year, you only have to guess what the next month will look like, meaning that you'll be far less likely to end up with obsolete labels.


Cuts Down on Inventory Costs

Keeping printed labels in your storage or warehouse for an extended period can't generate interest revenue. Even worse, it may eventually be considered excess inventory or an additional expense. 

With digital printing, however, you may have your custom labels printed just when you need them, freeing up your budget and shelves the rest of the time.

Because of digital printing's faster turnaround times and smaller runs, you can order smaller quantities at regular intervals. The money saved this way can be put toward other inventory management tasks instead.

Frees You to Update or Introduce New Products

A significant expense is required to launch a new product or reintroduce an updated one. After completing your research and development, you'll need to consider distribution, marketing, production, packaging, labeling, and inventory management.

Using digital printing for labels and packaging in your new products allows you to order top-quality packaging and label designs in small batches, reducing the risk of overspending and overstocking. Digital printing also allows you to change your content and make revisions quickly, depending on the reaction you get from the initial introduction. Not only is change more manageable, but digital printing also enables you to create highly personalized labels for your targeted consumers. Using print-on-demand technology, digital printing companies can print directly to order, making it a practical way to manage your inventory and avoid loss.


Get Your Printed Materials From a Trustworthy Printing Company

When using digital printing to manage your printed materials inventory and reduce inventory loss, partner with a reliable and trustworthy label printing company that can meet all of your needs. Leapin' Lizard Labels is a reliable printing company that provides the highest-quality labels, stickers, and banners and understands the unique needs of businesses around the country.

We have all of the printed material solutions and features you'll need to drastically transform your inventory management system, including: 

  • No set-up fees or minimum orders
  • No charge for customs cuts & shapes
  • Free press or e-proof
  • Guaranteed on-time shipping
  • Eco-friendly and high-quality label printing

To help you manage your inventory efficiently and avoid overstocking, Leapin' Lizard Labels accepts orders in small batches on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, or whenever suits your needs.

Just provide your print-ready files, and we will print them to your specifications and standards. Whether you hire a designer or design the labels yourself, we provide a list of every aspect your digital files may need to ensure you have world-class labels, stickers, and banners for your business.

When you choose Leapin' Lizards Labels as your digital printing partner, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your labels are in great hands. Get a free quote online or contact us today at 970-484-0850 for more information.


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