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This week, our employee spotlight features Julia Hubbard, our customer service whiz! Julia has been with us for only six months thus far, but has really made a difference in her short time here. Read about our interview with Julia below: 

What is your favorite part about your job?

Oh, I love developing friendships of all sorts as local, distant, old, and new clients go through the ordering process. You come in contact with and get to meet so many different people, and keeping those relationships over time is a really neat thing to experience. 

What challenges have you faced, and how have you overcome them?

Probably learning how to juggle everything that comes through the office in a day while still trying to get stuff done. To be honest, I haven’t quite overcome that yet!


If you could give any piece of advice to our customers, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to better understand our process and how to make the most of your label experience.   We love to help our customers! But it takes open communication so that we fully understand what you want out of your experience with us. 

What is your driving passion for your job? What keeps you coming back to work day after day?

Being a part of creating a welcoming and warm front office, my co-workers, Todd and the coffee. Coffee is always a good thing! We hope our customers really feel that warmness when they walk through our door and it inspires confidence in partnering with us.  


What is your favorite product at LLL?

Oh, probably stickers or labels printed on Silver Chrome with Matte or Estate #9/4.

Tell us about your favorite team experience at LLL?

Honestly, the daily interactions and inside jokes we have with everyone would be my favorite part. That and the few community service projects I’ve been a part of.  It always feels good to be a part of giving back to our local community with my coworkers when we can. 

We’re so thankful for Julia and what she brings to our team. We appreciate everything you do, and hope to see you stick around a long time!

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