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Making Labels & Stickers Last

Custom labels and stickers essentially sell your products. They are the face of you product. They contain all the pertinent and valuable information that make your products appealing.

So what happens if your labels or stickers get damaged, peel off, fade, wrinkle, get ripped or badly torn? The thing it’s attached to is no longer identifiable, and therefore no longer obviously of value or utility. Plus, the label is the face of the product, and if it’s damaged then your product looks unprofessional at best, and at worse, may not sell. This can seriously hurt your bottom line.


When it comes to your custom labels and stickers, durability is an absolute must! Your product’s labels must be able to stand the test of time on the shelf – and beyond. Their very appeal depends on their physical and visual durability.

Everything from the type of paper material and laminate used,to the types of ink and adhesive – all of these things matter in the process of bringing branded products to the shelves and hoping they’ll look good and last.

Potential Threats to Your Custom Labels and Stickers:

No matter how your product gets from the warehouse to the store shelf, there is some amount of handling involved. Whether it’s packed in boxes that are shipped cross-country or loaded into a minivan and hand delivered locally – people are going to be touching your product before sale. You could wind up with scuffed labels, torn labels, dirty labels. That won’t be good for sales and the store might discount or remainder your product.

The materials you use will be dependent on the amount of handling your products will endure.

Products will be exposed to various temperatures in transit. Sometimes these temperatures are extreme and fluctuate wildly. Temperature dips like this can do a number on low-quality glues, meaning that your label peels, bubbles up or falls off.

UV rays are powerful. With low quality inks, even a small amount of exposure to blaring sunlight can take the brilliance and color out of your labels making them look old – belying the freshness of your product inside.

How long will your product be on the shelf? Though we hope it sells like hotcakes, it might take a while to gain deserved popularity. After weeks (or even months) will your product’s appearance be as vibrant as it was at the start?

Moisture can come into contact with your product label – either by inadvertent exposure to the elements or through humid conditions. Although everyone works to minimize exposure to water and humidity, it still happens. If your product packaging gets a little wet or soggy, it’s important that the label still looks great when it dries off.

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What You Can Do to Keep Your Product Labels Looking Great:

Quality paper material and laminate. Paper and paper composites that specify that they are made to be durable are best. We can talk to you about the high-quality paper we use at Leapin’ Lizard Labels and what will meet your needs, so your products stand out.

Quality ink and high-quality printing. Cutting corners on ink quality and printing will only hurt you and your business in the long run. The flexography we use at Leapin’ Lizard Labels is a good example of a process that aims to have your product labels and stickers looking great – despite the threats we’ve outlined.

Quality adhesive. A low quality adhesive will affect your product’s shelf life. Glues are especially vulnerable to the elements: humidity and high temperature can really weaken their staying power. The adhesives we use at Leapin’ Lizard Labels can expand and contract without losing their sticking power – and their resistance to moisture is excellent.


Here at Leapin’ Lizard Labels, we want to make sure that you have the highest quality, durable custom labels and stickers for your products. Contact us today so we can get you on your way to the labels and stickers of your dreams.







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