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Just as fashion and hairstyles are ever-changing, packaging trends are constantly evolving to adapt to the modern consumer. When designing packaging for your products, it’s essential to stay in the loop with these trends. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of trends in product packaging that we think are important to know about going into 2023!

Creative & Funky Fonts

Recently, there has been a return to the use of “retro” fonts and color schemes, reminiscent of the 60’s in style. While it can be fun to play around with these bubbly and distorted fonts, you’ll want to be sure that you utilize ones that are readable! Read here for some great Canva fonts to give your packaging that retro vibe!


There has also been a distinct rise of minimalism in packaging. Many brands are leaning into the use of very few colors, and basic fonts to produce a clean, simple and classic appearance on their products. Even clear labels are making a comeback. There has been a trend in producing designs that are easily digestible yet memorable in their simplicity. Consumers are often on-the-go and don’t have a lot of spare time, so these simplistic designs are great for getting your message across quickly.

The “Handmade” Look

Another trend we’ve started to see is designing your product’s packaging to look “handmade.” This kind of packaging is less manufactured-looking and provides a personal touch to your product. This look can be produced with simple materials such as brown paper wrapping, white bows, and neutral colored script/text. Schedule a consultation to see how we can give your labels that handmade look.


Gradient Coloring

Gradients have been around for a while, but we’re starting to see a resurgence in it’s use across the board in design. Gradients are an easy way to produce a “cool” and “trendy” look without overusing colors and patterns in your design. They can elevate a minimal design with a pop of color that will draw the eye to your product.


Sustainable Packaging

Consumers are 57% less likely to buy products in packaging they consider harmful to the environment. 44% go one step further and declared they "won't buy" products in packaging that is harmful to the environment, according to a study. Designing packaging with sustainability in mind is a great way to show that your brand is serious about moving towards being more environmentally conscious. There is a certain stigma surrounding eco-friendly packaging, in that it is “not as attractive” as conventional packaging. However, you can still produce the clean, simple and minimal designs you’re striving for with a textured off-white recyclable material. See some of our sustainable options here!


“Y2k” Packaging Design

Flashy and futuristic packaging designs have made a comeback, reverting back to the mid-90’s to early 2000’s era characterized by the new millennium. This form of design is “futuristic,” using neon pinks, blues and silvers and geometric shapes to create a now nostalgic feel.

It’s fascinating to witness how trends go in and out of style, especially when it comes to phases in packaging. No matter what style you’re going for, it’s important to relate to your customer base and center your design efforts around them. After all, your customers are the ones you need to impress! We hope that this guide to new trends in packaging design has helped get your creative juices flowing going into 2023! Contact us to get a quote now for your 2023 labels!



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