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Labels and stickers may be adhesive films, just paper or vinyl with a bit of glue, but both can change the world. So how can labels and stickers have an impact? Label printing’s impact goes beyond marketing and advertising. There are highly creative and versatile design details that you can use in many ways.

Stickers and labels may be part of product packaging, branding, promotions, and the like, but outside of business, you can use them in many ways to express yourself and empower yourself and others.

An Entirely New Way of Communicating

Have you seen how people nowadays communicate with emojis? Although these are digital, emojis carry the same principle as stickers. It’s entirely possible to communicate with stickers, whether they’re digital emojis, decorative adhesive slapped onto your hydroflask, or the labels on your most-used products.

The beauty of stickers is that they are fun, but they also send a message, convey an emotion, or express a sentiment. It is not just the images used in the stickers themselves but also the messages they send across. They’re also highly versatile; stickers and labels come in all designs, shapes, and sizes. Some people have even begun printing mural-sized stickers to decorate entire walls. This versatility gives you the flexibility to convey whatever message you need on whatever scale you need. 


Stickers Tell Your Story Creatively

Legends say that stickers have been around since ancient times and that ancient Egyptians were the first to use them. However, R. Stanton Avery is credited with the invention of the stickers we use today. Stickers go beyond personalized designs and extend to the labels used in packaging, branding, etc.

The versatility of stickers is the key to why you still see them today. People stick them on laptops, cars, lockers, water bottles, gifts, journals, and more; pretty much any surface is fair game for a sticker, even in public spaces. Now that you can even customize designs with help from label printing companies, it’s easy to tell your story creatively and spread your ideas using simple stickers.

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They Promote Your Mission Instantly

You can change the world by using stickers to promote your cause. Since stickers are affordable and easy to produce in bulk, charities often use them to spread awareness. How can you promote the mission of a charity with stickers? Keep in mind the mission you want to promote, and the team at Leapin’ Lizard Labels can make the right stickers for you.

You can change the world and impact many people’s lives with custom stickers by using them to advertise a charity or another worthy cause. Thanks to their creative designs, stickers and labels provide instant exposure; you can even use the labels to encourage donations to the organizations you’re supporting by adding QR codes.

Stickers Empower Your Self-Expression

There are many ways to express yourself, and stickers are one of them. You can use stickers to create your communication style, unique to your company You can print your art and messages on stickers and spread them among your loved ones, or you can leave them in public spaces to spread the word about a cause you care about.

Thanks to label printing companies, you can design stickers that represent your moods, personality, music taste, and fashion sense, and then have them all printed. Those stickers and labels serve as your branding tool, allowing you to set yourself apart from the rest.

Labels Create Brand Awareness

The most common way you can use stickers and labels is in branding. The labels you put on your products can significantly impact your business, helping you grow by boosting brand awareness. For customers to keep buying your products or using your service, you need them to be easily recognizable.

This is what labels can do — they can expose you to your audience in a way that will create a mark they will never forget. Labels and stickers can do this thanks to their creative and versatile qualities. These adhesive films can be formatted, printed, and cut in various attractive designs, including your logo.

With the versatility of stickers and labels, you can have your logo and slogans printed and cut, then pasted on various merchandise. You can stick them virtually anywhere, increasing the chances of people seeing your logo. The more people see the stickers, the easier and quicker they recognize your brand. You can even hand them out to your customers, and if they put it on their favorite water bottle, they’ll think of your brand every time they use it!

Stickers and Labels Keep You in Front of People’s Minds

Whether you use them to promote your business, charity, or yourself, stickers keep you in people’s minds. With help from label printing companies, you can use custom stickers to capture the attention of any audience and achieve any of your goals. While they may seem like simple tools, they can change the world one step at a time.

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