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Once folks try your soap, it sells itself. It cleans without drying out your skin. It’s made out of all the good stuff that nature provides. It smells like a scent you’d find in your dreams. It’s pure magic. But unfortunately, you have to get folks to try your soap the first time before they’re hooked for life. Now, that’s why your label design counts. While people walk down the aisle, searching for a new soap to try, they’re scanning the labels on the bars that line the shelves. So what’s going to set your soap bars apart from the rest? How do you make your custom soap label scream out, “Try me!”? Well, there’s no overarching tactic to make the best soap label. However, design counts, and good design sells more soap. So let’s talk good soap label design.

Match Color & Odor

First things first, you should settle on a color palette that works well with the scent of your soap, as well as the color of the soap itself (if your soap bars aren’t completely wrapped). If your soap is mint scented, for instance, you might opt for a mint green or a cool blue label. If you have a fruit-scented soap, you may find that a juicy pink label looks best. If your soap is infused with coffee, a dark espresso brown will look great.


Build a Brand

The best way to earn return clientele is to build a brand. After all, that strategy worked for commercial mega-giants Nike, BMW, Pepsi, and the like. So once someone tries your soap, they’ll know exactly what to look for on the shelf. Now, you can build a brand in so many ways. You can select a font that’s crisp and (pardon the pun) clean. You can use the shape of your soap to appeal to clients (more about that in a second). You can select a material that’s as soothing as your soap (thick craft paper and butcher paper are popular choices. And you can settle on a logo that’s instantly recognizable—you’ve always been partial to foxes, perhaps a fox would look great as a logo to represent your brand.

When branding your soap, keep one goal in mind: you’ll need to have at least one element that shows up on every product you create. The more similarities you add—including logos, text, material, and all of the other components mentioned in this article—the stronger your brand becomes. Take note, however, that you should balance your branding with unique packaging for each of your individual projects. Make your brand obvious, but be cognizant to keep your individual products distinct.


Accent Your Soap Shape

If you produce soap that’s not a regular, rectangular shape, it’s time to take advantage of that shape. If you have a star-shaped soap, you can match that shape with a star-shaped label. Perhaps you cut your soaps into a hexagon. You can inlay another hexagon in the form of your label, or maybe you’d prefer to use a circular label.

If you make soap that is a simple rectangle, don’t fret! You can still make the most of your label shape. Let’s say your logo is a whale. Well, go ahead and make your label whale shaped. Not a whale? How about a teardrop? Or a flower? The options are limitless.

Take note, we print custom labels here at Leapin’ Lizard Labels, and we can print out product labels, including soap labels, in nearly any size and shape!

Find Your Font

The right font can work wonders for your soap image. Most soap makers opt for a font that is simple, clear, clean, and easy-to-read. That’s a good tactic, especially the legibility bit. Check out our article, titled It’s All About The Font, to get a bit more advice on the ideal font to fit your soap!

Leapin’ Lizard Soap Labels

With the right label on top of the best soap available, you’re sure to sell bars by the hundreds. We produce labels with a variety of materials, a variety of shapes, and of course, all of the colors you can imagine. So, count on us here at Leapin’ Lizard Labels to print off your labels. Reach out to us to get started!


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