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Floor decals are an easy and unique way to add a touch of personality to any space. Whether you’re adding a pop of color to your retail space or looking to showcase specials, floor decals can help convey vital information to your visitors. Check out these great ways floor decals and custom floor graphics can enhance your space.

Custom floor graphics are a great way to increase brand awareness and name recognition. Custom floor decal graphics can help strengthen your brand's identity and create an eye-catching, memorable presence in stores and public spaces. You can use floor decals to highlight your products, promotions, and special events and direct customers to your trade show booth. Additionally, floor decal designs can incorporate social media hashtags for maximum visibility and reach. Floor decals can also be used to give coworkers and customers friendly reminders about safety protocols or even to add fun with interactive designs for kids. With the power of floor graphics, you can make a lasting impression that will help build brand recognition.

Create Eye-Catching Floor Decals for Point-of-Sale Locations

Floor decals are a great way to draw attention to areas where customers can make purchases within your store or facility. You can add a unique flair to these areas by using eye-catching floor decals. These decals can be used to highlight sales, promotions, and more. They’re also great for guiding customers to the point of purchase so they know exactly where to go. You can also add interactive elements, like QR codes and special offers, to your floor decals to engage customers further. With the right design, you can increase brand recognition and create a memorable shopping experience for your customers.

Make Use of Unique Shapes and Sizes for Maximum Visibility

Floor decals can also be created in unique shapes and sizes to stand out in the crowd. For example, you can use a large decal to create a unique shape that will draw more attention to your business. You can also use smaller decals to help guide customers to different areas in your store. Using large and small decals, you can maximize visibility and ensure that your brand stands out.


Incorporate Social Media Hashtags into Your Floor Decal Designs

Floor decals can be a great way to incorporate social media hashtags and reach more potential customers. You can use hashtags to create an interactive experience, allowing customers to search for your brand's hashtag and see all the photos taken at your location. This helps create a community around your brand, and you can use these hashtags to track the success of your floor decal marketing campaign. You can also use hashtags to track customer engagement and participation in any promotional activities or campaigns you may have launched. By incorporating social media hashtags into your floor decal designs, you will be able to reach more people and further increase your brand's awareness.

Promote an In-Store Sale

Floor decals are a great way to promote an in-store sale and ensure customers get all the benefits. Place floor decals near the store's entrance or in high-traffic areas to draw attention to the sale. Use vibrant colors and unique shapes to capture customer attention, and incorporate your brand's logo and social media accounts into the design to spread brand awareness. Floor decals can also highlight special deals and promotions, such as discounts on certain products or services. When used strategically, floor decals can help retailers increase sales and build customer loyalty.

Give Coworkers and Customers a Friendly Reminder

Floor decals can also be used to remind customers and employees to practice social distancing. With a heavy-duty, waterproof, non-slip, durable vinyl material, our floor decals are easy to apply and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Not only do they serve as a visual cue to help maintain safety protocols, but they also last longer than other materials. They are also repositionable for multiple uses. Additionally, our floor decals can be used in convention halls, outdoor spaces, and buildings with concrete flooring.

Use Floor Decals to Guide Customers

As a business owner, you can also use floor decals to help guide customers. Placing arrows on the floor indicates the direction people should be walking in or where they should be headed for a particular product or service. You can also use floor decals to show the checkout area, restrooms, and other important business areas. This helps customers find their way around and reduces the time and effort spent answering customer inquiries. Floor decals are an affordable and effective way to reduce customer confusion and create a better shopping experience.

Give a Reminder to Wash Hands

Floor decals can also be used as a friendly reminder to wash hands. This is especially important in high-traffic areas such as schools, offices, and retail stores. By displaying brightly colored decals that feature handwashing instructions or simply the message “Wash Hands,” you can help keep everyone safe and healthy. With these simple reminders, you can ensure that your workplace will remain a safe and healthy environment for everyone.


Remind Employees of Safety Protocols

Floor decals can be an effective way to give employees a friendly reminder to follow safety guidelines. Place floor decals in high-traffic areas, such as break rooms and entrances. They can also direct employees on how to properly use protective equipment or the right way to handle hazardous materials. With these unique floor decals, employers can effectively communicate their safety message and help keep their workplaces safe.

Create Interactive Floor Decals for Kids

Floor decals can also be used to create interactive experiences for kids. Whether you're looking to liven up your childcare center or make the waiting room of your pediatrician's office more entertaining, floor decals are an excellent way to do just that. Kids can hop from one decal to the next, or you can create a floor-based game with them. For example, you can create a maze with floor decals and have kids try to make it through as quickly as possible. Or, incorporate fun shapes and colors that kids can identify with. Floor decals can provide hours of entertainment for kids while also helping them to learn their shapes and colors.

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