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If you're wondering how waterproof labels can help your business during summer, you've come to the right place. Labels made with waterproof materials are among the most durable you'll find and will be able to withstand wet environments and demanding applications. Read below to learn more about their work, benefits, and common uses. 

How Do Waterproof Labels Work?

Nothing works better than waterproof labels for businesses that make products in the food and beverage industry. Cold beverages will often sweat in the heat, and people will often bring refreshments to places near water to escape the summer heat. To combat this, waterproof labels come with durable, film face sheets that can maintain your print's integrity, while extra-strength adhesives ensure that your labels stay on no matter where your products go.

Another method is using inkjet printers and an additional topcoat that traps the ink printed onto the label, helping to repel water. Once the ink dries and the top coat seals it, your prints will no longer smear if a wet hand touches them. Laser printers have waterproof toner, so there's no need for an additional top coat layer, making it a more durable and affordable option. 


The Benefits of Waterproofing Labels 

There are plenty of reasons to consider waterproofing your labels for your newest summer products, including: 

  • Legible even when wet
  • Strong and permanent adhesive
  • Moisture and humidity resistant  
  • High-quality finish without sacrificing design 
  • Tear, smudge, and scuff resistant 

Plus, waterproofing your labels can be easily adapted to your current labeling processes.

Where are Waterproof Labels Commonly Used?

Waterproof labels are always popular with brands and businesses because they can be used in various applications. 

Beverage and Food Products

A waterproof label will ensure that your food and drinks labels can withstand the constant moving and shuffling your products experience during packing, transportation, and display processes. Even if they should go in and out of a refrigerator, condensation won't be able to spoil your beautiful labels. Waterproofing your labels means your customers will get a better first impression of your product because it always looks clean and professional. 

Bath and Body Products

If you sell bath or body products, waterproofing your labels will help to keep them safe near a sink or inside the bathroom. With it, your customers will enjoy the sight of their hands being ink-free whenever they pick up your products while being able to read the ingredients list at the back. These labels will withstand both hot and cold water in your shower and even the silky smooth residue of lotion. 


Leapin' Lizard Labels Material Selection   

We offer a wide range of materials to choose from to create the most suitable label for your needs. Here are just a few of them:


This is our most popular and commonly used material for label making because it can stick to almost anything. It is resistant to water, oil, and chemicals, making it one of our most robust materials for waterproofing. BOPP also comes in various options, such as: 

  • White BOPP: Ideal for beer cans, beauty products, logo stickers, CBD products, and more 
  • Clear BOPP: Ideal for cosmetics, candle labels, and toiletries 
  • Silver BOPP: This has a brushed steel appearance and is ideal for fully metallic labels
  • Silver Chrome BOPP: This is a reflective material that provides a touch of metallic to your label designs 


Only suitable for dry environments since they won't have protection from the elements. 

Eco-Friendly Options

If you're looking to make a more eco-friendly label, here are a few options we can offer. 

  • Matte Paper 
  • Estate #9: FSC Certified
  • Estate #4: FSC Certified
  • Kraft paper 
  • Stone Paper/ Fiberstone
  • Vellum
  • Hemp paper 

Adhesive Options 

We also offer a wide selection of adhesives for you to choose from, so you can get the perfect label for your products. 

  • General adhesive 
  • Removable adhesive 
  • Freezer grade 
  • Tight radius 

Lamination Options 

To provide your labels with extra protection from all kinds of applications, we also offer excellent lamination services, such as: 

  • High-gloss laminate 
  • UV high-gloss laminate
  • Matte laminate
  • Thermal transfer 

Call Leapin' Lizard Labels Today 

Whether in the food and beverage industry or selling cosmetics and beauty products, you can't afford to have a label that smudges due to moisture and humidity. Give your labels the protection they deserve and waterproof them today. To get started, visit Leapin' Lizard Labels or call us at 970-484-0850 — our team will be happy to address your labeling needs.

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