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Avoid Custom Label and Sticker Mishaps

Designing your custom labels and stickers is exciting! Seeing your company’s brand and your products on the shelf makes all the hard work worthwhile. Don’t make the following mistakes!

Top 10 Sticker & Label Mistakes:

1. Custom labels and stickers as an afterthought

If you spend all of your time on product development you can easily delay your time to market by waiting too long to think about what your label design will be. You also need to factor in time to find the right label printer to work with.

2. Ordering too many labels and stickers

Protect your cash! Turnaround times are just a few days (we’ve been known to get labels out to customers in a few hours) and there are no extra set up charges with most digital printers. Order small quantities so you won’t have label and sticker inventories.

3. Waiting too long to order your labels and stickers

In conjunction with the above, you really have to watch your inventory turns. You don’t want to save money upfront by ordering in small quantities only to have to spend it down the road on overnight shipping on rush orders.

4. Working with a printer who sees you as a ‘small account’

If you get the feeling you’re being blown off or you can’t talk to your printer (they force you to only use their on-line ordering process and keep referring you back to their website) you’re not a valued customer to your printer. Expect excellence in customer service and switch printers if you’re not getting it.

5. Custom labels and stickers that are designed poorly

It is imperative that your labels and stickers are top notch or they reflect poorly on your product. Remember, your label is a key factor customers use when they’re deciding to buy your product or not. Using a quality, high-resolution image, the correct colors, and having your artwork correctly sized are just a few things to consider when designing your labels or stickers.

6. Using the wrong materials

Think about the environment your labels and stickers will be used in- by the pool, in a manufacturing facility, in direct sunlight etc. Make sure you discuss with your printer how your product is used and what your labels will need to withstand so they can help you select the right materials for your labels.

7. Printing your labels yourself

Ouch. We could go on and on, from quality to real and opportunity costs on why printing your own labels is a bad plan. When you have gone through the hard work of creating an amazing product, do yourself a favor and get high quality professional stickers and labels for your product.

8. Not getting input from your target market on your label design

YOU may love your label design. Your customers might NOT. Find out!

9. Not customizing or using variable data on your labels and stickers

By using variable data and customization on your labels and stickers you have a unique ability and opportunity to speak directly to different markets, track your products, manage your inventory etc. Customization and variable data are cost effective and easy to implement. Ask us how if you have questions!

10. Not enjoying the ride

Don’t think of having your labels and stickers printed as equivalent to smacking your thumb with a hammer. It’s pretty cool seeing your idea take shape, come off the press, and find its rightful home on your product. Have some fun, work with a fun printer, enjoy the ride!

Custom labels and stickers can be cost effective and fast to produce if you avoid the pitfalls above. Save your hard earned cash, get your labels and stickers the stress-free way, and know that you have made the right decision! Let us know if we can help you, and get your prints started today!




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