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Have you been searching for the best label printing ideas and inspiration for your business in 2022? As label printing professionals, we understand that every business needs signature labels that add personality to their goods. We also know that the success of your business depends mainly on how well you can promote your brand and attract customers. More so, your product labels are a surefire way to achieve these. So, we have put together some of the best label printing inspirations and ideas for business promotion, success, and growth in 2022. 

Let us walk you through our unique step-by-step guide to finding your company’s best labels in 2022.

1. Use Colors to Motivate Prospects

Psychologists say that color is the language that speaks to human emotions. That means you can use colors to stimulate the emotions of your prospects. Here are the top label color ideas and inspiration for 2022:

  • Pastel colors
  • Rustic muted tones
  • Minty, light shades
  • Memphis designs
  • Desaturated color palettes with floral hue
  • Jewel tones 
  • Retro color schemes
  • Very Peri color

These colors communicate some sense of peace, calm, and quiet. Those are what people are looking for these days after the pandemic and amid news of wars and conflicts. So, prospects will naturally gravitate towards your products when you speak some calmness to their emotions through your label colors.

Other color inspirations for your label are as follows:

  • Black color to communicate boldness and power
  • Green color to give a sense of freshness and health
  • Red is an ideal accent color

2. Use Fonts to Capture Attention

You can use your label’s font(s) to capture people’s attention. Moreover, new font trends arise every year, promising new ways to express ourselves. A stale label font may detract prospects from even the most outstanding product. New typographic methods are a great way to add personality to your products.

Here are the top label font ideas and inspiration for 2022:

  • Super thick lettering styles
  • Authentic handwriting
  • Rounded fonts
  • Tactile realism
  • Retro curves
  • Experimental typefaces
  • Sharpened fonts
  • Arts and crafts

Here are a few other label font ideas to keep in mind:

  • Use only 2–3 fonts in your label design.
  • Do not use the same font size and color throughout since this can make it look dull. 
  • Captivate your prospects by employing contrast in your font design and colors.
  • Draw attention to the primary features of your label design with font contrast.

3. Bring Your Products to Life With The Label Material

Your label material says more about the product than most business owners realize. Remember that labels play a significant role in the appearance of your product. That, in turn, plays an important role in how prospects perceive your products at a glance, and as the saying goes, first impressions last.

Here are the top label material ideas and inspirations for 2022:

Textured Label Material

Textured paper labels are great for creating vintage-looking labels. They also express elegance and give a premium appearance to your products.

Durable Label Materials

The durability of your label material can affect your reputation. If the label fades or peels off while your product is still on the shelf, prospects are less likely to buy it. We always use top-quality, durable materials when we print labels for our clients.

Clear Printed Labels to Showcase Your Product

A clear label allows shoppers to view your product’s size, texture, and color. When prospects see your product clearly, it shows them that you are proud of its appearance and quality. That, in turn, builds their confidence in your product.

4. Use QR Codes on 2022 Labels

QR codes are now more than just a “check-in” option. You can use them to deliver a “check this out” experience to your prospects. Instead of putting too much information on your label, place only vital info and add a QR code to connect with prospective buyers and offer deals.

Ensure a clear call to action so that customers understand why they should scan the code and what they stand to gain from doing so. Some of the information you can provide in links include:

  • The origin of your product
  • Certifications or authentications
  • Images and videos
  • Customer feedback
  • Entertainment, such as online gaming

Other Great Label Ideas and Inspirations

  • Let your label design reflect the theme of your logo. It is an essential part of branding.
  • Dare to do something different and stand out from the crowd. For instance, you can put a circular label on a square jar. Your creativity will not only amuse your prospects, but it will also make your goods more memorable.
  • Embrace simplicity. These days, minimalist labels grab people’s attention better.

What is the Best Way to Get an Eye-catching Label?

As we have explained above, you need to consider several factors to design an eye-catching label in 2022. However, the most important way to get an inspiring product label is to ask professionals to design and print your labels. You can trust our top-notch label printing firm, Leapin’ Lizards Labels, for this. Read through our order process and get a quote today.

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