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When it comes to labels, deciding on the right adhesive can make or break your product. Because labels will carry your brand’s name and message, it won’t help you if it suddenly comes off. Thankfully, there are various kinds of labels you can choose from depending on the purpose it needs to serve. Read on below for a breakdown of label adhesives available to you. 

General Adhesive

General adhesives are the most common kinds and most affordable kind of adhesives. They are designed for a one-time application, creating a permanent bond between your container and the label. The only way to remove them is by using a solvent since these are hard to remove. 

Moreover, removing them may leave a sticky residue on the surface, making them suitable for single-use applications, such as: 

  • Food and beverage labels 
  • Bath and body products 
  • Newspaper advertising

As a result of its strong adhesive property, these are impossible to remove without distorting or damaging the label. When it comes to choosing a suitable permanent adhesive, it’s best to consider the following: 

  • Moisture levels 
  • UV exposure
  • Substrate 
  • Temperature range 
  • Product’s surface material 

For instance, a label for products that need constant washing will require a different permanent label from products that are only meant to stay on while they are on shelves. 


Removable Adhesive

This kind of adhesive is designed to leave little to no residue when removed and is made for temporary use. As a result, these labels are used on products that need a secure bond but have a shorter shelf life. This kind of material can be used on most types of surfaces but won’t hold up well against the following: 

Due to this, the best application for this adhesive is on clean and dry surfaces. However, if it is not removed for a long time, it can stick harder like a permanent adhesive, making it more challenging to remove. A few examples of the different kinds of these labels include: 

  • Temporary equipment labels 
  • Inventory labels
  • Labels for cartons and containers 
  • Shipping labels 
  • Packing slips 

Furthermore, there are various advantages to using removable adhesives, such as: 

  • It peels away without leaving a trace 
  • It can be repositioned with ease 
  • It can be peeled and resealed effortlessly 

Freezer Grade

Freezer-grade adhesives are made out of aggressive materials that allow them to thrive under cold storage conditions. These adhesives are made to withstand extreme cold without cracking or peeling. However, once the temperature returns to normal, this label can be easily removed. Examples of use for this label include: 

  • Pre-frozen food packaging 
  • Cold food storage 
  • Blast freezing 
  • Industrial kitchen 
  • Sub-zero environments

When it comes to freezer-grade adhesives, various factors will need to be considered. These include: 

  • The size of the label
  • The surface to be labeled 
  • The mobility level needed 

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Tight Radius

Many of the small products and containers in the printing industry fall into a category called “tight radius” or “tight mandrel” containers. These are often classified as cylindrical tubes that have a small diameter. Unfortunately, when you wrap labels on too small surfaces, it tends to un-stick and go back to a flat position, which is called flagging. When this happens, the corner edges of your label will start to peel.

Tight-radius labels have an aggressive adhesive that strongly holds small, cylindrical containers and packaging. While designing a custom product label is already a challenging task, it’s even harder to work with smaller packaging that needs smaller labels. This is because you’ll need to ensure that the label will stick to the small amount of surface area available on the packaging. Some of the most common products that use these kinds of labels include: 

Visit Leapin’ Lizard Labels Today 

For all your labeling needs and a wide range of adhesive options, check out our website at Leapin’ Lizard Labels. Our team of professionals will be more than happy to provide you with all you need to know for the right label. No matter what your product or packaging is, we’ll have the perfect solution for you. You may also reach us by phone at 970-484-0850, or by email for all your questions and concerns. 

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