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Your label is the first thing people see when they look at your product. Sometimes, pretty packaging and labels are the only reason a customer will purchase something in the first place. They’re pleasant to look at and even look good when displayed or recycled into containers around the home. This is why label printing is one of the essential components in building your product and brand.

Labels enhance the product’s appeal and make it look more tempting, and they can be used as an effective marketing tool if designed correctly. Here are a few ways to take your sales to the next level by creating the perfect label for your business!


Consider Your Packaging

Your label and container should complement each other well in all design aspects. Consider things like color, size, and shape to make sure they’re a good pair. Additionally, the label and container should represent your product to emphasize its purpose. For example, you can coordinate the packaging and label to match the scent of a lotion. For lavender-scented lotion, you can use a bottle and label that match the theme, such as light shades of purple and pictures of lavender on the label. It comes down to your creativity to ensure that all elements come together perfectly.

Shape, Size, and Font

You can invest all your time in creating a bold and extravagant design, but it won’t mean much if your audience has difficulty deciphering what the product is. Make sure that your fonts are large enough to fill the area but small enough that your text has space around it and is easy to read. If your product requires nutritional facts or an ingredients list, it’s best to stick with simple fonts that are easy to understand. A good label needs to be legible, after all.

You also need to consider the shape and size of your label to maximize your space. If your container is large, make sure your labels are big enough to take up a good portion of it.

Sometimes Less is More

Sometimes minimal designs are exactly what you need. Consumers look for instructions or ingredients before the design with some products, like supplements. Supplements often emphasize the benefits and ingredients on their labels, and they also provide instructions and the recommended daily dosage.

With information-heavy products like supplements, it’s best to tone it down with the design elements, or it can look confusing and cluttered. Instead, focus on finding stylish fonts that suit the product and your brand’s aesthetic!

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Choose the Right Material

Some labels don’t survive in certain conditions. For example, if you’re selling shampoo and conditioner, your material must be waterproof to prevent the ink from smearing and the paper from crumbling apart once they get wet in the shower. This makes your label look presentable long-term. Consumers will also know which product to look for if they enjoy it. However, if the label has been soaked through and ruined, they won’t be able to identify your brand. If you don’t have any sources for your desired material, investing in label printing services could give you a better chance of finding what you want.

Elements, Graphics, and Colors

Bold and eye-catching designs will make heads turn toward your products. Try to find designs that suit your product. You can never go wrong with lines and shapes since you can experiment with them to create a series of unique designs. Use this as a chance to express your creativity and highlight your brand!

One crucial element of your design is color. Did you know that 85% of consumers consider color when buying something? This is because colors radiate different vibes and moods. One of the most common colors used in businesses is blue, which exudes confidence. Another one is yellow, the most visible color, which signifies happiness. Use colors to set the mood of your products. However, you must remember that these colors may change slightly in shade once label printing is done, so it’s good to plan for some trial and error!

Add a Fun and Interactive Twist

Unique labels with fun twists are becoming a trend among businesses. Interaction generates interest within your audience, so you need to develop a dynamic way to capture their attention through your label. Many companies add QR codes to their labels, which link to their homepage, a promo code, or a raffle draw. Companies will sometimes include a scented sample on the label in certain products like air fresheners. Some businesses even encourage their customers to peel the labels of the products off, usually revealing additional info or fun facts underneath. The possibilities are endless; use it to your advantage!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new things! After all, creating a dynamic and attractive label is one of the key steps in securing the success of your products. Want to start your label printing journey with Leapin’ Lizard Labels? Contact us at team@leapinlizardlabels.com so we can get started!

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