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Stickers are a fun and creative way to advertise, market, and communicate your brand. No matter what products or services you're offering, stickers are one of the most effective traditional marketing strategies. Stickers, on the other hand, aren't necessarily professional or attractive. They can sometimes be so creative that they encourage creative thinking, logic, understanding, and humor. 

Here are some hilarious stickers that we've discovered that are both creative and effective.


Ice Cooler Decals

"Don't hate me just because I'm a little Cooler."

This is probably one of the best dad jokes ever on a sticker. It's just so witty.

This sticker is ideal for promoting ice cooler products or simply designing your cooler to make it a little cooler. (Oops… Pun intended.)

Coffee Promotional Sticker

"I'm sorry for what I said before I had my coffee."

Relatable, isn't it? Without coffee, it can be hard to be ourselves in the morning. Sometimes, it doesn't matter who you were and what you said before drinking coffee. Go on and get yourself a cup of coffee.

Bathroom Sticker

"Please remain seated for the entire performance."

If you're on the toilet, you should stay seated, right? A simple yet fun technique to entertain while adding a smile to the face of clients that use your restroom.

Something as simple as a sticker can make someone's day.

Kitchen Sticker

"Alexa, do the dishes."

After a hard day, doing dishes is unquestionably the worst chore. We also wish Alexa could do the dishes for us.

Well, this wall sticker might assist you in completing the dishes with at least a half-smile on your face.

Do Not Disturb Bedroom Sticker

"Charging, do not disturb."

A clever alternative to the dull and simple "Do Not Disturb" signs and stickers commonly found on hotel doors and walls.

This clever sticker design is an excellent idea to incorporate if you're in the hospitality business. You can use a sticker wall or make a small sticker for doors and signs.

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Coffee Mug Sticker

"Coffee is my favorite coworker."

Well, this could be true! Coffee provides you with energy and positive vibes. Coffee is not annoying or loud. Coffee is not rude or disrespectful. If you need a boost, coffee always has your back. Coffee is the perfect coworker!

This sticker is perfect for your office coffee mug, especially if you're more introverted and don't love chatting away with your real coworkers. 

Menu of the Day Banners

"Today's Menu: Eat it or go hungry."

Perfect for parents who, after spending hours in the kitchen whipping up a delicious home-cooked meal, are begged for fast food or something out of the freezer. Show your kids their options with this witty banner

Stickers for Coffee Lovers

"E=Mc ²: Energy = Milk x Coffee ²."

This is a fun and unique approach to communicating and promoting your shop and coffee products. It allows clients to recognize that nothing beats a nice cup of coffee, and it really is the most dependable source of energy throughout the day.

Motivational Decals for Your Office Bathroom

"Before you complain about your job, remember mine - Toilet paper."

Motivation does not always mean inspiring other people. Sometimes, the way to show people how good their life is is to show them someone else's life — or in this case, the toilet paper's life. 

Handicap Parking Sticker

"Stupidity isn't a Handicap. Park somewhere else."

Ouch! It may be harsh, but we can all agree that this sticker is effective. It's an excellent way to remind people that those blue parking spots are reserved, and they are there to help people who need them - not just want them. If you're not disabled or handicapped, don't park there!

A Reminder to Brush Your Teeth Sticker

"Only brush the teeth you want to keep."

Isn't it clever? This decal will serve as a constant reminder to brush your teeth. Unless you don't intend to keep all of your teeth, go ahead and disregard this sticker.

Wear Your Seatbelt Reminder Sticker

"Buckle Up! It makes it harder for the aliens to suck you out of your car."

Another clever messaging sticker. You'll undoubtedly buckle up at all times if an alien invasion occurs. Too bad for those who don't wear seat belts; they are at risk of serious injury in an accident, and aliens can easily abduct them from their vehicles.


Stickers are one of the most creative and entertaining ways to communicate and relay information. They can make you laugh and allow you to absorb information quickly and effectively, making them one of the most practical marketing strategies due to their witty and unique content.

If you're searching for high-quality stickers to communicate and advertise your brand, look no further than Leapin' Lizard Labels. We are a premium label and sticker printing company, producing world-class quality stickers.

Call us at (970) 484-0850 or visit our website to order high-quality hilarious decals with your unique and funny designs!

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