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What is BOPP?

Biaxially oriented polypropylene, or BOPP, is a film stretched in both machine and transverse directions, producing molecular chain orientation in two directions. BOPP is our most common material because it holds up to almost everything. Not only is it our most popular label material, but this is also the ideal logo sticker material. It is resistant to water oils and chemicals, making it one of the best overall. You can have many different options when it comes to BOPP.


BOPP Label & Sticker Materials Offered


White BOPP is excellent for indoor/outdoor use. The base color is white and can be printed with any color you'd like. Add a gloss, matte, or UV laminate depending on your product's look, feel, and use. This material is rugged and long-lasting, making it ideal for Beauty Products, Beer Crowlers, Beard Oil, CBD Products, Logo Stickers, and Lip Balms.


Clear BOPP is a water, oil, and moisture-resistant polypropylene film. It is excellent when you want to see the underlying products. This is commonly used with toiletries, cosmetics, and candle labels.


Silver BOPP has a brushed steel look. It is recommended for fully metallic labels.

Silver Chrome BOPP

Silver Chrome is a highly reflective, water, oil, and moisture-resistant material. This is the choice if you want a subtle touch of spot metallic* on your label. Unlike Silver BOPP, it is not recommended for fully metallic labels (see Silver BOPP above). *Printing spot metallic requires artwork designed in a vector program such as Adobe Illustrator. For more answers to questions about our materials, check out our FAQ's page.


Why use BOPP for your labels?

Why use BOPP materials for your labels? We’ve listed the key benefits below:

  • Thin material
  • Durable and strong
  • Great Printability
  • Very Flat Material–easily applied to products of different shapes
  • Low toxicity
  • Product-resistant, oil, water, and moisture-resistant

BOPP offers a quality and professional label that will stand the test of time and your customers!

Get Started With BOPP Labels

There are many reasons why BOPP is our most popular label material, and we offer multiple for all of your needs– To get started on your label project, contact our team today!

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