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Craft beer is becoming increasingly popular in recent years, meaning craft brewers are upping their game with their label designs. Eye-catching labels are a great way to stand out from the competition, attract new customers, and give your brand an edge. To create unique and captivating beer labels, you'll need to consider several elements such as colors, artwork, typography, shape, size, story, and software. This blog post will explain how you can design eye-catching beer labels for your brand.

Designing Eye-Catching Beer Labels

Designing eye-catching beer labels is much more than creating a visually appealing piece of art. It needs to tell your brand’s story, be legible, and make your product stand out from the competition. Here are some tips to help you create beer labels that will make customers take notice:

  • Be creative with label artwork and materials
  • Consider the shape and size of your label
  • Choose typography that is legible
  • Utilize color and contrast
  • Include your brand's story
  • Don't clutter your label design
  • Don't make it more difficult – use the correct software
  • Keep it consistent


Be Creative With Label Artwork and Materials

When crafting the perfect beer label, you need to think outside the box. Be creative with your label artwork, shapes, and materials. Metallic effects can give your label a touch of class or rustic charm, depending on your desired look. You can also utilize color and contrast to make your label stand out on the shelf. Be sure to use colors and typography on the label that match the vibe of your brewery. Finishing touches, such as lamination and metallic foil, can also help create an eye-catching label.

Consider the Shape and Size of Your Label

Once you have your artwork finalized, it’s time to consider the shape and size of your label. Choosing a shape and size appropriate for the type of packaging you are using is important. For example, a 3.5” tall by 4” wide beer label may work just fine for standard 12 oz. bottles, but that probably isn’t big enough if you want to package your brews in a larger bottle.


Choose Typography That Is Legible

Regarding choosing typography for your beer label, legibility should be your top priority. The size of your beer label directly impacts your font size, so make sure to choose a font that is large enough to be clearly seen. For consistency, it's important to choose fonts with the other design elements and the overall brand identity in mind. Going for a modern sans serif font like Georgia is popular as it’s simple and easy to read. Choosing a font that is too small will make it difficult for customers to read the information on your label, so be sure to find the right balance between legibility and style.

Utilize Color and Contrast

When creating eye-catching beer labels, color and contrast are essential. Using a light background if your beer is dark and vice versa can help make the label design easier to read. Increased contrast minimizes eye strain and results in a more pleasing design. Consider using bold lettering, tactile touches, and brightly colored designs to make your label stand out. Using the contrast between the letters and background color will ensure that the label is legible and won't strain the eyes.


Include Your Brand's Story

Using your label to tell your brewery's story is one way to get people to grow closer to your brand. A story can add depth and context to your label design, whether it's a funny anecdote or an inspiring message.

Don't Clutter Your Label Design

When designing your beer label, it's important to keep it uncluttered. Prioritizing what is most important and ensuring that the font size, color, and visual design all work together as part of a system will help you create an eye-catching label. Keeping it simple and featuring your attractive logo with eye-catching color combos and typography effectively ensures your beer labels stand out from the crowd.

Don't Make It More Difficult – Use The Correct Software

Once you’ve settled on the artwork, materials, and colors for your beer label, you’ll need to use the correct software to create a design that will look great on your beer bottles or cans. While you can take on the project yourself, it’s best to use professional software that makes it easy to design and print your own custom labels. With the right software, you can easily create waterproof labels that will last as long as your beer does. Not only will this make your beer look professional, but it will also make it easier to apply the labels to your bottles or cans without hassle. We highly recommend Canva and Illustrator!

Keep It Consistent

It’s important to keep your beer labels consistent. Sticking to a few consistent elements of your branding makes it easy for customers to identify your product within the crowd and helps you create a cohesive look that reinforces your brand's image. Whether you are creating a single label design or a series of labels for different types of beer, make sure to use the same logo, color scheme, and font across all of them. This will help ensure that your labels stand out while remaining recognizable to customers.


Creating eye-catching beer labels is a challenging task and requires a lot of creativity and thought. It is important to consider all the elements that go into designing a label, such as font size, shape, color, artwork, and story behind the brand. It is also essential to use the correct software to make the design process easier. By following these tips and tricks, you can create a unique label that stands out from the rest and captures the essence of your beer.


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